Jimmy Hoffa Search: Tipster's Story 'Doesn't Make Sense,' Author Says


According to Moldea, the tipster is "not a con man" but he is "looking for a reward" if Hoffa's body is found there. When the two last spoke earlier this week, Moldea said the informant was "scared to death" because the bookmaker he worked with -- the one with connections to Giacalone -- is still alive.

"If by some one percent of one percent of one percent chance this guy has actually pinpointed where Hoffa is buried -- which I really doubt -- he deserves any reward he can grab," Moldea said.

But there is one reason Moldea thinks maybe -- just maybe -- this tipster may be on to something.

"This thing is going to come from left field. Someone who wasn't involved in the murder -- their info is going to break this case. And this guy fits that bill," Moldea said. "I'd be shocked if this was it, but I would be so happy because it would get idiots like me -- who've been on this thing for 37 years -- a little vindication."

The search is set for Friday morning. A spokesman for the Teamsters union said the Hoffa family had no comment on the matter.

"The Hoffa family does not respond every time a tip is received by authorities," the union said in a statement. "The FBI keeps the family informed and they will have no comment until there is a reason to comment."

The Roseville Police Department did not respond Thursday to numerous calls and messages from ABC News.

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