John Edwards Cursed Adviser Who Tried to Stop Affair


Rielle Hunter Told John Edwards' Aide "We Are Very Much in Love"

In testimony on Thursday, Edwards' former "body man" John Davis told the court that Hunter came to his hotel room on Feb. 5, 2007 to tell him that she and Edwards were "very much in love."

Hunter had already been dismissed from the campaign at the insistence of Edwards' wife Elizabeth, so Davis was surprised when he ran into Hunter in an elevator and that she got off on his boss' floor.

Davis went to his room and moments later Hunter came to his room.

"She told me she and John Edwards were very much in love and he (Edwards) was concerned that I had seen her," Davis testified. "I told her it was not my business... and I asked her to leave."

Two days later Edwards called Davis into a room, he said.

"He asked if I had run in to Miss Hunter. He (Edwards) told me she came to his room and told him she was going to go on Inside Edition or Access Hollywood to talk about her work for him. He told me she was crazy and to make sure she didn't contact him," Davis told the court.

"He denied there was an affair. He brought it up proactively," Davis said. The aide did not tell Edwards about Hunter's confession to him.

The aide said that he became aware that the relationship was continuing because Edwards would sometimes borrow his phone and keep it for a long time. On one occasion, Davis returned to Edwards' room to get his phone back, but could hear Edwards and Hunter talking on the phone.

"I heard Rielle Hunter on the speaker phone. I recognized her voice. I heard Mr. Edwards ask if she was showing yet," Davis testified.

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