Why Marijuana Edibles Might Be More Dangerous Than Smoking


Children's Hospital Colorado in Aurora, Colo., saw a significant spike in the number of children treated for accidentally eating marijuana-laced treats after Colorado relaxed its drug laws, according to a 2013 study published in JAMA Pediatrics.

A 4th grader in Denver brought a marijuana edible to school on Tuesday, police said. Earlier this month, a California teen was busted for allegedly selling pot brownies to fellow high school students after another student got sick, police said. Last month, three seventh-graders in California were hospitalized after eating what was likely a marijuana-laced brownie at school, the AP reported.

Experts urged parents to keep their marijuana stash -- medical or otherwise -- hidden and even consider kid-proof packaging.

Gerhardt added that marijuana edibles are also more dangerous for people making the treats.

"What they'll do is extract high-concentrated THC from the plant," he said. "Most people use butane to do that, so we have a ton of explosions in our state right now. If they don't blow themselves up, then they get a very heavy-concentrated form of THC that can be baked into anything, put into any food or beverage."

Bronstein said people just need more education.

“It’s kind of akin to the education about alcohol -- to drink responsibly,” he said. “People need to eat these edibles responsibly, and they have limited experience with these products. That’s the real problem. This is a drug. People need to be respectful of that.”

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