Mask-Maker Unmasks Suspect in Philadelphia Bank Robberies

PHOTO: Dion Jordan, left, is in police custody in connection to a series of bank robberies committed by someone wearing a mask depicting an elderly man, right.PlayPhiladelphia Police Department
WATCH Alleged Bank Robber's Mask Almost Fools Police

A mask-maker helped federal authorities track down a suspect after he recognized one of his masks on the person sought in connection to a string of Philadelphia-area bank robberies.

The FBI said it considers Dion Jordan, 35, its prime suspect in the bank-robbery spree.

The agency had sent out an alert after several robberies this summer.

Ian Marier, who owns the Quebec-based Realflesh Masks, says he immediately recognized the false face depicting an elderly man, a specialized version of a mask model called “The Neighbor” that featured expensive, unique customization.

PHOTO: Suspected armed serial robber hits a Philadelphia Wells Fargo bank, Sept, 24, 2014.Philadelphia Police Department
Suspected armed serial robber hits a Philadelphia Wells Fargo bank, Sept, 24, 2014.

Marier knew who he sold the silicone mask to and called authorities.

“I sent all e-mail communication between me and Dion Jordan to the FBI,” Marier said. “That guy actually received that mask at his home address, under his name.”

With Marier’s help, authorities tracked down Jordan for questioning.

While Jordan has yet to be charged in the bank robberies, he is now reportedly in custody on other charges, including aggravated assault, kidnapping and unlawful restraint following a high-speed chase. Jordan also confessed to killing someone, Philadelphia Police Lt. John Stanford told ABC station WPVI-TV.

“This young man, if convicted, is going to be going away for a very long time,” Stanford said.

The FBI is continuing to investigate. For Marier, the case has forced him to face a tough reality.

“It is the first time that something like this happened,” he said. “I sincerely hope it will be the last.”