National Opt-Out Day a Bust


"I'm really surprised," he said, "It doesn't seem like it's as packed as previous years."

Fishof said he doesn't find the TSA pat-downs overly invasive, but rather important to passengers' safety.

"I wish they'd keep patting me. Seriously, I don't mind it. I think it's so important that they do all the best they can to so we can fly safe and be secure," he said.

Laura Sloofman, who flew to LaGuardia through Urbana, Ill. and Chicago Wednesday, said her travel experience caused fewer headaches than usual, with no delays.

She said she had her first experience with the full-body scanners two weeks ago, when she flew to her college's homecoming.

"It caught me a little bit by surprise. I didn't know what those body scanners were, but I chose to do it just because I didn't want to opt out, and you know, cause a fuss," she said. "I figured if it was there, it was there for a reason. And it was there to make us safer."

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