Safer Sex? Some Parents Allow Their Teens to Have Sex Inside Family Home


Stained for Life?

"My biggest fear for other parents who would permit it would be that that young boy, young girl is pretty much stained for life as, you know, a slut."

"GMA" also talked with a panel of teens and they were both intrigued and horrified at the idea of being permitted to have sex at home.

"I feel like sex should just be kind of a thing that just happens. Not like, 'Oh, if you do it you have to do there or there," Robert Jutkiewicz, 15, said.

Jutkiewicz said he thought it would be "strange" to have parents there and the experience wouldn't be as special. "If the parents' up there and, like, you're just going to be thinking about it the whole time," he said.

Tatiana Flowers, 19, said she would find it "awkward" to have sex in her home, even if her mother allowed it.

The female teen panelists also said that having parents who said 'yes' to sex in the home would make it more difficult to say 'no' to eager boyfriends.

"If your boyfriend knows or whoever knows that there is a perfectly open available house I think that takes away one of your big excuses," Kelly Lund, 17, said.

"Yeah," Grace McVey, 17, added. "Like, how do you say no? Like, a lot of times if they're saying, 'Let's do it. Let's do it.' Like, 'It's time,' whatever you blame it on your parents. You're like, 'No, I can't. My parents would kill me.' But if that whole thing is gone, like, what do you say?"

Dr. Ned Hallowell, a child psychiatrist, said as long as the teens involved are of legal age, he finds nothing wrong with the idea of them having sex at home.

"At first it sounds shocking but when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense … they're going to be having sex somewhere but why not at home … chances are the sexual experience will be safer and will not be done in secrecy and guilt," he said.

As for Skudlarek, she says she's given the matter a lot of thought and that she's made the right decision for her family.

"With my son having sex in my house, I'm comfortable with it … Maybe he does want to, maybe he doesn't. But at least he has that option. He knows he can be here to have the sex, and be safer that way," she said.

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