Petit Home Invasion: Taped Confession of Joshua Komisarjevsky


Petit Home Invasion Detailed in Taped Confession

As the hours wore on in the house, Komisarjevky said the tension between Hayes and himself increased.

"The stress level was very high and, um, I never done anything like this. Anyway, I was very uncomfortable, uh, with the situation and um, um I felt very out of control in the whole thing," Komisarjevsky said.

After Hawke-Petit returns from the bank with $15,000 the men demanded, Hayes raped and strangled her, according to testimony in Hayes' trial.

The two men begin to discuss killing the family and burning the house down to avoid leaving behind any DNA evidence.

On the tapes, Komisarjevsky puts the blame squarely on Hayes.

"He began ranting and raving about DNA, and he was mad at me because I had on several occasions accidentally used his name in front of the occupants in the house, um, and I all of a sudden you know got to kill them," Komisarjevsky said.

"We go to kill the whole family and burn the house down on top of them. Um, that was not, that was not the plan. I'm, I'm not killing anyone," Komisarjevsky said.

He claims he argued with Hayes over the plan to kill the family, particularly the girls.

"I was like you can't seriously, be, be contemplating burning these, these two girls alive…I was just like that's unconscionable," he said on the tape.

But within the hour Hayes began pouring three or four containers of gasoline in the house and after three attempts to light a match, he ignited the inferno.

The two men were arrested just outside the house a short time later.

In one of the final minutes of his audiotaped confession, Komisarjevsky seems to be particularly struck by the death of the two girls.

"They did every, they did, they did what they were supposed to do. There was no reason for them to die. They were compliant the entire way, both you know, very bright young ladies," he said.

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