Polygamist Children Grow Up: Will They Have Polygamist Families Too?


"It takes a lot of coordination and communication. Contrary to what many people think we get jealous about, it is this coordination and sharing that is often the most difficult," the Dargers say on their website.

The Dargers do admit they face challenges of jealousy and hurt feelings when it comes to romance.One of the rules that the Dargers live by to minimize these difficult moments is keeping the intimate details of each of their relationships with Joe private. (Watch what two sister wives do while the third is out on a date with Joe here.)

"We're very traditional in our marriage in the fact that we have three separate marriages and it's just a boundary of respect," Joe Darger said.

"Love Times Three" will be published in paperback Aug. 28.

Watch the full story on "20/20: My Ultra Modern Family" now

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