Prisoner Left in Solitary 2 Years Receives $15.5M Settlement


"One of the things people are focusing on is length of time he was in. We have no control of that," he said. "The district attorney, the court, the public defenders determine the pace at which the case was resolved. Our responsibility is holding him. The schedule of prosecution is out of our control."

Now a free man, Slevin is fighting lung cancer. During the trial, it came to light that his doctor gave him a year to live -- a fact that didn't deter him from fighting his case until the end.

Coyte would not say where Slevin is living, for reasons of privacy. He said that he suffers symptoms of extreme post traumatic stress as a result of the "torture" he endured.

"He's never going to get it back," Coyte said. "Hopefully he'll beat the cancer. But you never know. Right now, hopefully the money will help him to do better."

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