Ugg Boots are Back, Tippy the Fainting Squirrel

Ugg Boots are Back
PHOTO: UGG-brand boots were the most searched-for fashion item on Black Friday.
Neil Mockford/Getty Images

UGH, Uggs are here to stay.

The sheepskin boots that just will not go away were the fourth most searched-for item on Black Friday, the Huffington Post reported, citing data from Google. Who would keep buying these boots? What's that, you say? You know the Social Climber bought her fourth pair this holiday season? How did you find out?! They're just so warm and fuzzy!

Tippy the Fainting Squirrel
PHOTO: Tippy the Fainting Squirrel has the internet buzzing about what is causing the squirrel to fall over.
Honor Via/YouTube

Cute animal alert, internet.

Today's top prize in adorability (it's a word!) goes to Tippy, the Fainting Squirrel. See for yourselves.

Farrah Fawcett's Warhol Painting
PHOTO: Farrah Fawcett attends a press conference at The Dorchester Hotel in London, May 5, 1978.
Tom Wargacki/Getty Images

Farrah Fawcett was the "it" girl of her day, so it's no surprise she had the era's most famous artist, Andy Warhol, do her portrait. The surprise, it turns out, is that Fawcett's longtime boyfriend actor Ryan O'Neal removed the portrait from her home shortly after her death and claims he owns the painting.

"The painting is mine," O'Neal told the jury at Los Angeles Superior Court Monday. But the University of Texas at Austin claims that the portrait is part of the art collection that Fawcett left to her alma mater. Read more here.

Valessa Robinson

Valessa Robinson, a Florida woman who has been jailed since 1998 for murdering her mother is scheduled to be released today from state prison, according to UPI.

Robinson, her boyfriend, and his friend conspired to kill Vicki Robinson, with her boyfriend injecting the real estate agent with bleach from a syringe, according to the report. Robinson received a 20-year sentence for third-degree murder and is being released early on good behavior.

Laure Prouvost Wins Art's Top Prize
PHOTO: Laure Prouvost celebrates after winning the Turner Prize 2013
Peter Morrison/AP Photo

Talk about an upset! Underdog visual artist Laure Prouvost upstaged the competition and beat the odds (and other competitive metaphors) to take home art's most prestigious prize, the $41,000 Turner Prize, this year.

The Social Climber isn't really up-to-date on the art world's leaders and favorites, but the New York Times reports that Prouvost had low odds according to British bookmakers. She won for her film "Wantee."

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