What Was Rosie Thinking?

"This may be her way of calling attention to that children are exposed to violence at a very early age," said Poussaint. "I don't think she's suggesting children be violent but suggesting that this is what society does to children."

Both professionals agree that talking to children about violence is imperative, especially because it is nearly impossible to shield them from violence in the media.

Whether O'Donnell meant anything political or not, many fans are outraged by the photos and say she's exploiting her daughter. Critics said they find the photos particularly offensive because Vivianne is probably too young to fully understand the undertones of the photographs.

Fans have posted their comments under another headline on O'Donnell's site that reads "A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Posts."

One fan who identifies himself as Jon E. wrote: "Not sure of the 'message' you are trying to send with that pic of Viv, but I guarantee many are not going to get it… Children with bullets, even fake…?? What are u thinking?"

Another fan appreciated the image, however disturbing it may be, and commented on the political undertones.

Jessika wrote: "Oh, WOW Vivi looks beautiful! The fact that U let her explore her imagination like that shows what a good mom U R. In some countries though, they are training terrorists that young, how sad is that?"

Rosie's fan base is certainly dominated by mothers, many of whom have strong feelings regarding the latest posting.

Jill Kroog told ABC News in an e-mail, "I think that Rosie may have taken it a bit too far and wonder what she told her daughter as to why she was dressing that way."

Alisha Bice, a mother of two who lives in Iowa, said that the photograph also gives soldiers representing our country a bad connotation. She added that she was surprised a mother would want to see her child's face plastered across Web sites worldwide.

"I think it's ridiculous that she even put a photo of her daughter on the Web site," said Bice. "It's frightening."

Andrea Beaumont, another mother upset by O'Donnell said the photograph isn't even effective, and considers it to be just another way for the celebrity to get media attention.

"Disturbing is the first word that came to mind when I saw the photo of Vivi," said Beaumont.

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