Virginia Unveils Dangerous Dog Registry

Lisa Peterson, a spokeswoman for the American Kennel Club, said well over 100 local communities and counties across the country have banned certain breeds, most commonly pit bulls. The American Kennel Club also supports the Virginia measure because it offers dogs "fair process" from local officials before a decision is made to add an animal to the registry.

But the organization raised concerns that a first offense may be a bit of a knee-jerk reaction for a designation that comes with such a broad range of pet owner restrictions.

Daly, whose house pet Ginger earned the scarlet letter for an isolated scuffle with a small dog, understands the purpose of the registry but said the lifetime nature of the status goes too far.

"Being a fairly young dog, with her having that label now, we can't take her to school and we can't take her anywhere to get trained," Daly said.

"Now, she's just sort of a labeled dog. There's no chance of parole," she said. "Life is a long sentence."

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