Living Well While Living Green

Walmart has set a lofty goal of achieving zero waste in their retail stores. By saving over 800,000 gallons of gasoline and by using corn-based packaging they are emitting 11 million fewer pounds of greenhouse gases.

That's a big wow for Walmart, however, the battle is still not won. The company is responsible for violating the clean water act in nine states per store per day.

Naysayers believe that it's all a publicity stunt, and that Walmart is only going green to save money. I say what's the problem with saving money and if they are helping to save the planet.

I couldn't keep Lindsey out of rehab or save Tammy Faye Bakker Messner, but I do know that if we take it one step at a time and try to take responsibility for our own actions, we can make a difference.

So, as Michael Jackson sang:

"I'm starting with the man in the mirror

"I'm asking him to change his ways.

"And no message could have been any clearer

"If you wanna make the world a better place

"Take a look at yourself and then make the change!

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