California Family That Lost Two Sons in Iraq Speaks Out

"I just hope they're right and I hope we get something accomplished out of all this after all the sacrifice we've made and the rest of the country has sacrificed," he said, choking back tears during the emotional interview. "I think the people of the nation need to support the nation because the nation is at war."

And, despite experiencing the loss of war on two different occasions, Jeff said that he still wouldn't discourage other young men and women from joining the military.

Jason agreed with his dad and offered advice to those who might be considering enlisting.

"In making the decision, [it] cannot be 100 percent focused on patriotism or 100 percent focused on what you think might be or might not be," said Jason. "The reality is that service to our country is a job and it's a hard job and many people make ultimate sacrifices to do it."

Moving Forward

Since Nathan's death, Jason has taken a 25-day emergency leave from the military and is ineligible to return to a hostile environment; he is likely to return to his base in Hawaii and serve his remaining year from there.

As for Nathan, Jason mourned the loss of a young man who had a full life ahead of him.

"He had a lot of plans and dreams," said Jason. "He was only 21. Sometimes those plans change day to day so where he would have went, we don't really know. But he was enthusiastic about life and there was a lot he wanted to do."

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