Peterson Plans to Wed Mystery Bride, 23

According to the Chicago Tribune, Drew Peterson met with a high-profile divorce attorney to look into how to get granted a divorce on the basis of abandonment.

Who Is Drew Peterson's Bride-to-Be?

With the identity of Drew Peterson's fiancee being kept tightly under wraps, few details have emerged about the woman who was apparently one of six women the former cop had reportedly dated since Stacy Peterson's disappearance.

Derek Armstrong, author of "Drew Peterson Exposed" and a reporter who has followed the Peterson case for more than a year, first broke the news of Peterson's engagement.

According to Armstrong, Drew Peterson's future bride was a former fan of his who first introduced herself to him through handwritten letters.

"I asked him if she was one of his fans," said Armstrong, "and he said 'yes.' He's definitely been getting a lot of fan mail."

Armstrong said that Drew Peterson described his fiancee as "very attractive" and "svelte." At 23 years old, she is one year younger than Stacy Peterson, who would be 24.

When asked by Armstrong about the vast age different, Drew Peterson laughed and said, "I don't care, not my problem."

The fiancee lives about 15 minutes from his home in Bolingbrook, Ill., according to Armstrong, and Drew Peterson has introduced her to his two children.

The couple has not yet moved in together, said Armstrong. While the specifics of the proposal were not disclosed by Drew Peterson or his lawyer, Armstrong confirmed that a ring was involved.

Peterson Shocked at Engagement Leak

While Armstrong described Drew Peterson as someone who has "come to enjoy the media attention" after his wife's disappearance, the former cop claimed otherwise in an interview this morning with the Chicago Sun-Times.

"I can't believe this is happening," Drew Peterson told the paper. "How the f-- did this get out?"

"Last time I had a relationship, you guys screwed it all up," he said.

Drew Peterson is frustrated, said Armstrong, by the media attention but also seems to enjoy it.

"He's definitely frustrated he can't sell the house and he can't get married and the media is watching him," said Armstrong. "He does think that if the name of his fiancee was disclosed it would break up the relationship."

"But he really doesn't care what people think of him, that's the truth," said Armstrong. "He likes to be the center of attention, for sure."

Armstrong said that he asked Drew Peterson about his feelings for his wife, Stacy Peterson, whom after her disappearance he maintained he was still in love with.

"I asked him, 'what about Stacy? Last time we talked you said you're still in love with her,'" said Armstrong.

"[Drew Peterson] responded that 'it's hard to still be in love with her after everything she's done,'" he said.

"He's holding on to his belief that she left him."

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