List of Victims

The 168 victims killed in the April 19, 1995, bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building included babies and grandparents, workers at their first days on the job and those on the verge of retirement.

Lucio Aleman Jr., 33 Federal Highway Administration safety coordinator.

Teresa Antoinette Alexander, 33 Nurse's assistant, died while getting a Social Security card for her son.

Richard Arthur Allen, 46 Social Security claims representative.

Ted Leon Allen, 48 Economic development specialist for Housing and Urban Development.

Baylee Almon, 1 One of 17 children killed at America's Kids daycare center. A picture of her in a firefighter's arms won the Pulitzer Prize.

Rebecca Anderson, 37 Nurse, killed trying to rescue injured victims after the blast.

Diane Elaine Hollingsworth Althouse, 45 HUD program assistant.

Pamela Denise Argo, 36 Hospital worker doing paperwork at the Social Security office.

Saundra Gail "Sandy" Avery, 34 Social Security office clerk.

Peter Robert Avillanoza, 56 HUD supervisor.

Calvin Battle, 62, and his wife, Peola Battle, 56 Killed while visiting the Social Security office.

Danielle Nicole Bell, 1 Attending daycare.

Oleta Christine Biddy, 54 Social Security representative.

Shelly Bland, 25 Asset forfeiture specialist for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Andrea Y. Blanton, 33 HUD clerk.

Olen Burl Bloomer, 61 U.S. Department of Agriculture budget assistant.

Sgt. Lola Renee Bolden, 40 Army recruiting officer.

James Everette Boles, 50 Department of Agriculture administrative officer.

Mark Allen Bolte, 28 Federal Highway Administration environmental specialist.

Cassandra Booker, 25 Was applying for Social Security cards for her twin sons.

Carol L Bowers, 53 Social Security operations supervisor.

Peachlyn Bradley, 3 Died while accompanying her mother, grandmother and brother to the Social Security office. The brother, 4-month-old Gabreon Bruce, and grandmother, Cheryl Hammons, 44, a nurse's assistant, also died.

Woody Brady, 41 Self-employed book publisher, was visiting the credit union.

Cynthia Lynn Campbell Brown, 26 Special agent for the U.S. Secret Service.

Paul Gregory Broxterman, 42 HUD criminal investigator.

Kimberly Ruth Burgess, 29 Federal Employees Credit Union administrative assistant.

David Neil Burkett, 47 HUD financial analyst.

Donald Earl Burns Sr., 63 HUD construction analyst.

Karen Gist Carr, 32 Advertising assistant for the Army recruiting office.

Michael Joe Carrillo, 44 Department of Transportation regional director.

Rona Linn Chafey, 36 Drug Enforcement Agency worker.

Zackary Taylor Chavez, 3 Attending daycare.

Sharon Louise Wood Chesnut, 47 Social Security claims representative.

Robert Chipman, 51 Was a financial analyst for the Oklahoma Water Resources Board located across the street from the federal building.

Kimberly Kay Clark, 39 HUD legal assistant.

Peggy Clark, 42 Department of Agriculture worker.

Antonio Ansara Cooper Jr., 6 months Attending daycare.

Christopher Cooper, 2 Daycare attendee, killed with his mother, Dana LeAnne Cooper, 24, the director of America's Kids daycare center.

Harley Richard Cottingham, 46 Special agent for the Department of Defense.

Kim Robin Cousins, 33 HUD program assistant.

Aaron M. Coverdale, 5 Daycare attendee. His brother, Elijah, 2, was also killed at the center.

Jaci Rae Coyne, 1 Attending daycare.

Kathy Cregan, 60 Social Security service representative.

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