Mother to Be Charged in Sons' Beating Deaths

The mother of two Indiana boys found beaten to death in their home is expected to be charged with murder today, according to Lake County prosecutors.

Magdalena Lopez, 30, who is reportedly on suicide watch, was taken into custody Tuesday night after she called police to her home, where they found the two boys' bodies. She is expected to be charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of Antonio, 9, and Eric, 2.

Police said Lopez made several calls to friends and relatives after allegedly killing the boys and called her husband Robert at work to tell him what she had done. Robert Lopez's husband came home after police arrived.

An autopsy conducted by the Lake County coroner's office found that Antonio and Eric died of multiple head injuries. Police say they have recovered the weapon but have not revealed what it is was.

"We have what we believe to be the weapon utilized," said Lake County Police Chief Richard Quinn. "It has been recovered."

Recent Depression

Investigators say they have not established a clear motive in the slayings. Lake County police said they had received reports of child abuse and domestic violence earlier this year at the home where the Lopezes had lived for at least four years. In March, a school counselor contacted authorities and alleged that Lopez had choked Antonio, but police say the accusations were not substantiated.

Neighbors told ABC News affiliate WLS in Chicago that the boys' mother sometimes complained of being overwhelmed by her sons.

"Maggie was a very good mother to those little babies. I don't know what happened," said neighbor Mary Liakos. "She said that sometimes things got too rough for her. She told me sometimes she would sit in the house in a corner and she just … I don't know. She'd just stare … I don't know. I didn't think that this would happen."

"She had had a miscarriage, and after that the depression set in and really that was it," said Connies Fus, a family friend. " She was on medication, [went] away for a while, and then … and then it led up to this."

'I Scream 17 Hours at You'

Antonio and Eric's paternal grandparents told WLS that they were also concerned about the boys' mother.

Irene Lopez said in reports that her daughter-in-law was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in the past year. The grandparents said they recently took her to see a specialist and that the specialist told them she would pose no threat to the children as long as she stayed on her anti-depression medication.

The grandparents shared a poem they said Magdalena Lopez wrote to her oldest son:

"I screamed for 17 hours to have you. Now I scream 17 hours at you. Where has the love gone? Why can't we get along?"

Lopez could make her first court appearance on Friday.