Super Bowl 50: NFL Legend Jerry Rice Goes Undercover as a Lyft Driver

VIDEO: Jerry Rice Goes Undercover for Lyft at Super Bowl
WATCH Jerry Rice Goes Undercover for Lyft at Super Bowl 50

Three-time Super Bowl champion Jerry Rice spent 15 years playing for the San Francisco 49ers. With this year’s Super Bowl being held in the Bay Area, ride-sharing company Lyft decided to have Rice go undercover as a driver to see if unsuspecting riders had any clue their driver was an NFL legend.

Lyft shared the video on their YouTube page Tuesday.

In the opening scene of the video, Rice puts his Super Bowl ring in his pocket, figuring it will be a dead giveaway when worn on his finger.

When Rice meets his riders, the football star identifies himself as “Jay.”

At least two riders tell Rice that they are huge 49ers fans but don’t connect that their driver is arguably the most famous 49er player of all time.

Rice tells his riders he isn’t into sports, wants to be an actor and loves dancing, among other things. He gets one rider to sing for him in the car and gets out and dances with others.

One rider tells Rice he looks a little recognizable and, once Rice reveals himself, he tells him it was Rice’s voice that gave him the clue.