Super Bowl 2012 Security Patrols Use Robots, Toxin Monitors, F-16s

In addition to air patrol, on the ground police use giant x-ray machines to scan every vehicle arriving at the stadium, and surveillance cameras, which allow officers to monitor both the interior and exterior of the stadium. The videos are streamed into command centers set up throughout the area nearby. Hidden monitors test the air for toxins and biological weapons, and police patrol with portable radiation detectors.

One of the most advanced technologies Indianapolis police deploy are five remote-controlled robots designed to handle bombs and other potential lethal substances. These machines weigh 135 pounds, with one 6-foot-tall big brother who weighs twice that, and come complete with cameras, a movable arm and a hand sensitive enough to open doors.

It's all done in preparation for the worst case scenario, and preventing the unthinkable.

"What happens if you have crime or a significant issue in the midst of three-, four-, five thousand people? How do you deal with that?" asked Frank Straub, the public safety director for the city of Indianapolis. "You always have to plan and think about the reality of terrorism exists in the world."

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