5 Things to Know This Morning

Controversial TV Pitchman Kevin Trudeau JailedABCNEWS.com

Your look at the five biggest and most buzz-worthy stories of the morning.

1. Airline Pilot Has Mid-Air Heart Attack

A United Airlines flight headed to Seattle made an emergency landing at Boise Airport after the pilot suffered a heart attack.

2. Deal Reached on UN Resolution on Syria Weapons

The U.N. Security Council reached agreement on a resolution to eliminate Syria's chemical weapons.

3. Kerry Meets One-on-One with Iran's Foreign Minister

Secretary of State John Kerry met privately with Iran's Foreign Minister Jarvad Zarif about Iran's nuclear program, Kerry said. It was the first official high-level meeting between the U.S. and Iran since the Iranian revolution in 1979.

4. Court Overturns 20-Year Sentence for Woman Who Fired 'Warning Shots' at Husband

Marissa Alexander, the Florida woman who claimed to be a victim of abuse yet was sentenced to 20 years behind bars for allegedly firing a warning shot during a dispute with her husband, has been granted a new trial.

5. Judge Cuts Off TV Pitchman's Living Expenses

A federal judge in Chicago decided to suspend monthly allowance payments to Kevin Trudeau, the controversial author and late-night infomercial salesman, because he violated an asset freeze by tapping into an Australian bank account to pay for cigars, liquor, organic meats and expensive Vidal Sassoon haircuts.