911 Hoax Left Family Facing Armed Police

Police in Washington state surrounded a family's home as a result of a 911 prank call known as "swatting."
1:40 | 06/11/14

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Transcript for 911 Hoax Left Family Facing Armed Police
-- -- is a competitive gamer. Who's vying to be a global champion for. But last night playing call of duty suddenly went from virtual to reality. And then we hear like. Residents and so and so he needed -- now it wasn't the sound. Of his video game. It was the real thing. Outside what I thought was that there is a fugitive in -- dozens of police encircled he keys home there's like six cop cars at the streets ex cop cars down the street I can even comprehend what they were Santa wasn't registering. They walked out of their house -- girl. Right behind me. Run in with their hands here's a picture guy he's like who's Curtis has just like. And I just things racing through my month and then the unbelievable words from our point here is your son called in on Skype's that he was really. Angry and depressed that he had shot UN had he tied up his mother with ex -- says annie's gone -- the house. It soon became clear that the cops in the Yankees were victims of a 911 prank known as -- They think it was possibly someone who follows Curtis is gaming may be a jealous competitor who was behind the bogus call -- endangered. Us -- neighbors in the -- -- officers involved and because Curtis is live stream was still running whoever did it likely watch the episode unfold inside the home. Just unreal that that this had been some sort of -- in -- that was played on us mean it was a very serious 11 that could have heard people.

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{"id":24089037,"title":"911 Hoax Left Family Facing Armed Police","duration":"1:40","description":"Police in Washington state surrounded a family's home as a result of a 911 prank call known as \"swatting.\"","url":"/US/video/911-hoax-left-family-facing-armed-police-24089037","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}