Brandi, Bobbi Kristina, and Action Figures: The 3 Things You Should Know Today

From Brandi Chastain's donation to Bring Your Action Figure to Work Day, ABC News' Amna Nawaz gets you up to speed on what you should know today.
3:00 | 03/04/16

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Transcript for Brandi, Bobbi Kristina, and Action Figures: The 3 Things You Should Know Today
Payment. Hey everybody on the Nevada and New York here happy Friday I'm here in the ABC news newsroom. Let's get to get up beyond all the stories you need to know about happening today for our Horst are gonna jump right and because she to back a little bit stay with me and that's wanted to get their 1999. Brandy chest pain kicks this game winning goal in the women's World Cup. Ripped off her shirt rushed to the stand and the picture down in history and most iconic of all times will now. There's a new day that she cited to donate her brain to research for more on that we're gonna go to our colleague from the medical unit Dan Childs who joins us here in the newsroom and had to go hey good afternoon are you and academic. Pulled a chair at her I think anorexia. The spat at the private chat show this. News in the sports world rights and major soccer player has decided to donate her brain tells little bit more about why and we'll what's really interesting is that we often think about chronic traumatic encephalopathy is being related to things like. Football and boxing honestly don't aren't there at a ETE Friday there until as a refrigerant blank sheet so we think about these. Boards where where concussions are very likely what we don't often think about is soccer where your often hitting the ball with your head. And you know these can I d.'s these curves like things that aren't quite concussions but they can still sort of route you bring a little bit and now there's more and more evidence that may be this this is connected suited to soccer as well says this is actually a big deal then. She's offering to donate her brains the researchers and university so after after her death they can take a look at it and maybe understand more about decide disease which right now remains quite a series. Is history we talked a lot more about talk about football frightening. In a felony injury people suffered over the long term Palomar. Athletes' commencing that would with their own kids play football but now it looks like soccer. Could also be something people look at marquis and think about how many kids are playing soccer and right now the only things that we don't really understand about this. About this particular disease for example. How many concussions does it take my how many overcome costs of its does it take. I eat it doesn't matter if you get exposed earlier or later I mean these are all big questions that probably a lot of parents are thinking about he and hopefully that will be answered but for the research. Colonel all right well they Nico Pitney McGrady chest pain now. Donating her brain injury or asked and answers along like think heated eight thank you so much time. For more on that of course go to A couple coverage on that story and it'll be following for us. Right up to our next moving through the newsroom here burning go back. It is 62 record entertainer where's Mike Rothman in January Kenzie for the latest story you've been following a well agree you're not gonna remember back. January 2015 the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown Bobbi Christina Graham was found unresponsive. In her home in Atlanta and later time in July there's been a lot of questions and then about how exactly. And today we're getting some answers for desperate times for more on this we're gonna turn it over to Mike her hey holly has it going now officer can assume it appear. Yes Katrina and weird thing that's got into slogans at any. So toxic Alan Adler and so are well I think. You brought up. Without even knowing it in early ironies that should start in January. And then died later in July rights issues in a coma her what 44 or five months there's a long time. This will come into play today at the Fulton County county medical examiner. Release are autopsy took awhile to get released because. I think certain parties in one it they want to express it. It's out now. There's a couple things that that are striking from it aid they bring up the fact that it that she would. Unresponsive for so long to do that makes things a little shaken something definitive is that the cause of death. But they do. Eight I think it's called Lavar pneumonia. Which a couple from one ops she sound and in her Tug program. And then all so. That pregnant from a lack of auctions of the brain. But what streaking in and I think. It's been stricken does not striking blow is no drugs in her system and that nixed the drugs are system I think popular upstate. Talking about that today a there was a cocaine related and there was marijuana. Their lives morphine which may or may not being related to apparel and and I think there is anxiety medication so. I've got crazy cocktail of drugs. Really really a sad story. Nothing definitive on on the manner in which she died en route. A question observing and buying this and you know was it an accidental death was intentional anyway and from the results of these records we still can't see that definitive. Perhaps there's an there's nothing definitive. We know. I guess he's believed. To cut the contributing factors in other drugs. It. If you don't diminish its founding of the down and it's. Chris insane act. But that we don't know the circumstances. For the day that if the floor. I mean this past stories have been coming as her instead about a year. You know her partner's. Mother. Said that they you know they all went out the night before. I think he's kind of confirm that but aside from that we don't know anything yet and don't speculate whatsoever on what may or may out of Athens. In. But yet that nonetheless and we just don't there's a question that main never. Well we've got some information some new details and of course a lot of questions still remain I think Joyce an extra information press on his little. Pop over here at her desk and easy and I argued I'm good I'm gonna bring around this way sorry guys stay with us. So the other big question of course is the famine and I have to say right. Through a lot of says he's been hearing a lot different family members about what they think happened we have some medical information now they must have responded by its. Absolutely it's interesting because I be ground he released a statement today and he noted that these findings are released on. What had been obviously honey they're birthday so it's really. An emotional and his family. And he's really sad that these findings certainly and they haven't found himself to attack humans when of the Stanley truly believes that. It's that the criminal homage. Investigation and I shouldn't be happening and I'm. Hey I gotta let me read I heard that with my reading about it I and he was saying that the family members. Have always expect there was playing something and actually see the body Kristina brown filed a lawsuit last September. That pretty much cheated in the corridor in. He killing Bradley Christina they claim that's time seeking current cocktail. I'm a drug cocktail and then kind of put her in the bathtub British pound mountain according to lawyers actually he knew that that is. Oh. And so we are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. Well we are giving you the latest on the story as human markers. And my following this for a check out For more active on the thanks guys. Still the last thing. I think you guys definitely need to know about today. But sides fact that it is Chris Friday. Let me know if you can see him you know we're having some technical difficulties. All right I'm gonna keep moving this includes a newsroom. It is frightening but it is also teach your action figure to work day in case you didn't already. Century duke and there's really no better ice talk about that has. And are an executive producer for all things digital here at ABC news mr. Dan silver and industry and the camera around because his office really says at all. And here we are these high paid. The workspace diseases that totally professional environment right here did summer. Who is actually her at work sorry era. I. Harry you don't an area I'm good I'm gonna train intensity can chat okay. So Dan attending something fun today for taking action figure to workday which is maintaining an expert in your office. Clinton breaking Arab maintaining a sort of tableau. At that where where is that. For among your. Yes this excellent collection of toys and action figures in here. Or those of you who are following our live streams. You can see this cool scene that is streaming live from this feels that up. All day. And if you tweet us at ABC news live you can make requests for what action figures you want to be but I do when he gets to your inspiration behind the scenes. So tell me what's going on their right now how did you can miss a few times already and. The second time we've changed I want it. To start off with a very large menagerie of characters Eden and we didn't it was a good representation of all that was inherently Star Wars it was a little X-Files was a little bit of everything. Now are sort of honing in on. Sort of this filling out the quarters of those Harry Potter and there's Battlestar Galactica. A lot of things that people mean and fairly late in the first timer and we actually went with sound. That terror reads oh. The thing about penis minister should figure tonight's collectible. So as people. Two nimbly changing interrupted to eight. And the little things along with action figures the people's Ian Oakley couple against golden Easter eggs. Next June notes was take action figures towards Allentown event marked her while not a cult last night and they wanted to do as a lecturer on the Millar let alone the office you don't need to bring women actually already here just to give everyone a preview of what's to cop. Organized here's a look really I think they are here and in have been taking them down they long to put into the little. Areas to spot check at that you guys. Any one of the community and make it into our lives and these are the ones that have come down at some point let me keep you here. And Sherry and these are all the ones started that's you know they'll go back and ask them. It is laying there who actually do them will be put back. Ari can you give us hints at what's coming next. In the the set up. I think we tried at least it. In something significant in the field surrounded them more likely than not the the mothers in a more from aliens shirt yet we'll go up next is new and then at some point the jaws tire Lama world. We'll go in there as well. And in the rain core and then we'll build out around well. I for one and a so let me it's constantly with I don't know we do particular actually covered and important day we didn't want it to go on March. Are right parting thoughts for our audience out there. Just to name this is more for me than I guess for them. I. Yet this is. I ended that retreat at ABC news life with your request for an action figures you want to see Alec the backgrounds on Wednesday here. And sign off from here consider yourself. Up to be join us again next time thanks so much for all of us here at ABC news. I'm on an about the New York.

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{"id":37405225,"title":"Brandi, Bobbi Kristina, and Action Figures: The 3 Things You Should Know Today","duration":"3:00","description":"From Brandi Chastain's donation to Bring Your Action Figure to Work Day, ABC News' Amna Nawaz gets you up to speed on what you should know today.","url":"/US/video/brandi-bobbi-kristina-action-figures-things-today-37405225","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}