Camera Found in School Locker Room, Teen Charged

Luke Gildea, 17, allegedly hid a camera in the boys' locker room at his high school.
3:00 | 03/08/13

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Transcript for Camera Found in School Locker Room, Teen Charged
We have no comment this kind thank you. Seventeen year old Luke Patrick -- deal with his father this morning walking out of the McHenry county jail after posting 10% of the 151000. Dollar bond. The crystal lake central high school junior accused of secretly recording other students in the boys' locker room. Investigators say he used to small hidden pinhole camera another student discovered it reported it and somehow it was traced back to -- -- It's a probation double fence he seventeen years old it's an adult court because we -- -- as a family. So B seventeen -- with a felony he goes to adult court. It's unauthorized videotaping. -- -- the allegation is that he put a camera. -- boys' locker room in an attempt to videotape other students in the high school. That's the allegation. But one of the felony charges is considered a class three felony because -- unauthorized recording of a victim under the age of eighteen. That means -- This morning students at crystal lake central -- they were disturbed by the allegations. Unlike messed -- and I didn't expect to happen in my -- of school so in in a locker room while things and something like -- suspend -- general. If I had been using -- shower I could've been on film so it's just sick.

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{"id":18687392,"title":"Camera Found in School Locker Room, Teen Charged","duration":"3:00","description":"Luke Gildea, 17, allegedly hid a camera in the boys' locker room at his high school.","url":"/US/video/camera-found-school-locker-room-teen-charged-18687392","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}