Florida Highway Patrol Says the Day Care Crash Driver Should Turn Himself In

Police say Robert Corchado may have left the state in a black Mazda SUV after the crash that killed a 4-year-old girl.
3:00 | 04/10/14

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Transcript for Florida Highway Patrol Says the Day Care Crash Driver Should Turn Himself In
I'm Michelle Franzen in New York there -- a manhunt in Central Florida today police searching. For this man 26 year old Robert -- scored child -- Highway Patrol officials believe quick shot -- behind the wheel of -- Dodge Durango. Caused the crash that sent a convertible into a day care center killing of four year old girl and injuring fourteen others. Police say he fled the scene and cops are now worried he may have left the state they -- court shot -- ditch the Durango seen here after police tracked it down yesterday. And now they say -- shadow may be traveling in a black Mazda SUV with Florida plates. So when -- go live now to Orlando Florida where the state Highway Patrol is holding a -- Friends let -- -- -- -- here today from our agency it is down here in Tallahassee that is the Sistine. Analyzing all the information in looking for this gentlemen we will find him if -- -- out there and you're watching this please turn yourself and that he got to turn yourself and -- -- -- -- -- acting director barber from Frontline let's face and he actions they're taking assistance there. Meaning. First I think I'm Canadian partners without all of you getting the word out that we're looking for this individual we wouldn't be taking -- -- so we're taking so continue keeping her face out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we will have his picture up and down the interstates as we move forward. There is -- reward of up to 5000 dollars we are currently taking tips I would tell you it's approximately twenty tips at this time what. Possible sightings people yelling at him and from the past places -- look things of that nature. -- you cover this story urged the citizens. They want to be anonymous they can come -- line. They could potentially eligible for a reward about the 5000 dollars and we'll pass information directly onto the law enforcement agencies. 24 hours a day we'll get to them. Any questions regarding gun on him. The phone number is 1800. Fourteenth street tips that's 18143. Tips 8477. Building not a crime -- priority given to bottom line there. March 20 tips does not sound like -- -- live in homeless. Point four hours or so would -- back. Well I you know in this case we have a very specific vehicle that potentially he's -- -- looking for information on the and then you're looking for a person so we're you know most people are looking for that person and that type of vehicle. And HP has put out a tag number we're looking for an vehicle -- you see that we want to know about that so it's not just can't -- the vehicle did is we need to recover that rented vehicle. That we believe he's -- man. And -- -- probably being careful. If you have any ideas you're -- -- our brand. And you know anything about where we can look for him. He may have left the area and we don't -- if he left the area we're looking for locations. Where potentially we could send investigators to look. Even people are afraid of him possibly and then -- if they are and that's why they're not coming forward should be held at. I tell you that 100% your anonymous went nuts that's the reason we exist as a local crime stopper program so if you haven't fears of being involved -- retaliation or retribution are gonna order any of those things. We will keep you from being involved we just want information so that we can get -- law enforcement FHP and they can follow up on. Barking here right it's gotten so far anything that -- Particularly hopeful or are they more background information. I think we've had some pretty good tips that I can't speak directly to the tips that we -- -- indecent information. -- -- -- -- I'm just surprised bomber program do you would you say you've gotten good pets -- if you think you've been -- a couple times -- -- and wait so long. And we wish we haven't yet but as -- make -- -- again late this community. -- not tolerate this and I think we'll have him send. Well. At this point he's not turned himself and and there's a lot of people looking for him and we have the death of a young child so. That can cause a lot of people that think a lot of different things. -- it isn't Anderson again it's easy for him just turn yourself -- This can all -- right now there won't be any incidents. Xavier Williams can you talk a little bit about you last night he -- his Durango in. If I didn't in the Durango and insert he has a history long history. Selling drugs or at least having possession of narcotics where -- in their price in the during. Can't speak to that -- an active investigation but I will tell you not think anything he had narcotics but we're still -- processing -- -- Philadelphia -- into -- process. But there's certain steps we have to -- like obtaining warrants and certain things to make sure doing everything the right way to keep this evidence in place. May have had any idea do you read our exactly how this happened was this -- that might have been involved or what caused. Possibly campaign -- until the investigations are. Auburn is the traffic homicide Sargent and they are working on that candidates the right now I'd say a lot of this right now is folks on the apprehension in at the same time analyzing evidence and so forth. A lot of what we came here for today in the child's name already been released was to make sure you guys knew that the child was. But to put the plea out there again -- -- make sure to be honest with you keep this running in the news cycle because you guys yesterday we had -- -- within an -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So you guys are partners in media really had a play on that we -- expensive -- You -- your -- -- -- rental car company that is -- guys and brown acknowledged that there is some sort of thing -- video has been turned over. And her dad and hasn't been helpful -- even -- I can confirm that we do have some video that I can't discussed the -- that it's better. -- -- at this time it's an -- investigation. If they're tracking device in the rental car most rental car companies have some type of GPS tracking device -- we'll. We are looking into all of those aspects are now -- -- -- an investigation -- -- how you found during the investigation and I can tell you every electronic means it is available out there right now. Every agency every partner from FT LE to the federal marshals. Did anybody there are more people on the -- you know have been calling -- flooding my phone help -- if anything is possible is being coming -- I think he is just. But I also think he might have ties because -- -- -- being -- I think in the game ties could be a big thing that plane down and listen to these gains steam does have ties to Latin kings. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- I in my brain I was thinking maybe he was going south -- -- -- maybe trying to go to reports that we want and everything airports despite reports. We notified everyone but every every -- that outlines of technique was notified last night behind me and has extra troopers out certain areas that are. -- doors leading away from my -- TSA has not just force so this guy tries to do anything in -- public nature we get notified on top that we now do we will release a picture of the car. That he is driving in here later today but he -- we'll -- you pictured the actual car that is driving around in my guess we were released. That portion of your -- and her right. I'm not saying they are but I'm saying if -- member of a -- that's -- what happens how did you find the Durango. We found during those tips -- develop the right now an active investigation and we got witnesses step that -- -- come out investigations. -- important that alone. I think he I think he is I think he has resident helped them -- -- getting the car might think he -- And I think those are the people that they need to be careful what they're doing it they need to come forward and help us because if not you're an accessory in if we find an accessory we will prosecutors. The current hard work he -- -- his -- That he's armed or not but he does have extensive you guys at the secret history we -- that you run. He is a better from this week's extensively drugs and I don't -- -- drug dealers openly carry guns on -- -- of -- but what. Why -- car isn't me it -- -- is black -- color. It's 2014. Mazda CX. In the tag number is seen as in -- -- and -- Hours and -- -- that. 41 and again we -- -- that along with -- copies of these posters were begging you to get this out there were begging you to make sure we keep this out there. What if the driver of the other -- -- Valero that we into the building. If that driver facing any charges because if you look at the scene there's nothing left the door Rangel -- the car into the building. I -- that -- -- lost control and hit the gas crashed through the building whether some kind of car malfunctioned because he had over a hundred feet he didn't break. Stop right we are looking at all aspects of that including any investigation has to do with a disease that -- we have person face charges. At this time we don't know whether or not they will not is still an active investigation -- -- -- -- -- gentlemen -- is simply handing. It could be we don't know if that's -- inactive investigation I don't know whether he was involved with mr. prime. I don't think he was involved minister John I don't think anybody I can't say there are people that sometimes they're hit -- panic they hit the gas and sometimes people get hit hard -- they lose control. They're sometimes it is other factors. We have to stick cameras investigation. It takes time we have worked a lot of inclusion in proper yeah. Hi Natalie Allen Hunt I'll have been the end of its Disney shares on his disease when handling calls this week released -- literally everything -- -- -- -- Where where -- decide if he did not turn himself in. What is he gonna say they're having worn out for him last night. It was for a 100000 dollar bond right now he's a fugitive from justice for what could he say if you find him before he turned himself then what's he going to be -- -- -- -- -- you get stitches penalties of up to ten years in jail. They mean physically Philly and you guys meaning and other charges. How many officers are looking for him if you get a tip and you say -- you find out -- at such and such location. He's not carrying himself thing you're going to get him -- he -- -- be seeing how. There -- acie law enforcement officers -- asking him to surrender himself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are a lot of officer I think it'd be a lot of office every agency around Central Florida -- leaning -- falls far away as California people are looking at this in their -- attention. We reached out to all -- southeastern states that he might be border and they know about this. In this plane all over the nation -- news national news affiliates even picked it out to everybody is helpless look so. I don't know that there is this specific industry right now you have to look at least as far as the violence -- -- of the drug charges get very involved. The victim right now that now I don't have anything other than we have been in contact with the mother and me and -- told -- -- -- -- we were going to be doing this because we want to make sure that. -- -- It we should admit they know what's going on before we put it out there were trying also reached out to all the other victims and obviously there -- hospitals. Currently have. Six still -- Arnold Palmer won in critical once stable. Like apartments and stable condition to forty east and one in Florida -- -- stated condition so I'm up there. Yeah it's actually get that picture -- my mind. A photograph it just please please. Whatever he candidly I'm here today real and complete the public if he -- and imagine -- this is your child imagine this was your niece or nephew. Please do the right thing thank -- clearly shows that charges he might be -- on the war in the yeah. Rick Warren. Yeah. -- he didn't say only helping. Could you because I like him. There were 911 calls but it -- investigators three. Buchanan told them they will not be released and I don't have -- time of planet will be welcome back in the rental cars are multiple. -- Five -- Monologue. We're in contact with the credit card company and their verifying exactly it is -- CX type of vehicles and -- -- -- CX. It's -- what it looks like it's a small suvs and it's a -- as any type of vehicle Mazda CX and it's black in color. Along alone would. I'm not I don't I'm not trying to -- that I don't know. He was there any near misses on his way from bad day here where he dropped the car off in other -- -- -- other drivers. Running we want to harm to that you. -- According to our information there was an email sent out. Employees. The rental car company saying watch out this guy and about just after 530 losing your sense that he had already -- that if you mean by them. That's all part of the investigation I'm not privy to that information I'm not aware of the time in which he. Rented the car so we could've -- that we're not aware that. If -- and then they'll never. Or -- -- eyes scanning ballots. -- Indian yeah. -- -- Take. Makes him. It's getting tips didn't -- -- unless it's. -- -- -- -- -- Like to thank you guys -- please please help us now thank you thank you make you -- If you've been listening to a press conference out of Orlando Florida highway state patrol. Just informing the public reaching out to the public for more help -- a manhunt searching. For the driver of a Durango yesterday that caused an accident a deadly accident where four year old girl died at a day care center others. Injured. -- asking for a 5000 dollar reward for any tips that lead to his whereabouts they believe he is driving. A rental SUV now -- SUV and they are asking the public once again for help. Keep up with the search and real time of the story by downloading the ABC news -- And star in this story for exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":23278911,"title":"Florida Highway Patrol Says the Day Care Crash Driver Should Turn Himself In","duration":"3:00","description":"Police say Robert Corchado may have left the state in a black Mazda SUV after the crash that killed a 4-year-old girl.","url":"/US/video/day-care-crash-florida-highway-patrol-robert-corchado-23278911","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}