Drunk Driver Sues Restaurants After Fatal Crash

Man claims he was sold more alcohol despite already appearing drunk.
1:24 | 03/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drunk Driver Sues Restaurants After Fatal Crash
The drunk driver who caused so much devastation claims he was a victim as well and he's now seeking damages ginger -- is suing the friends he was -- and Applebee's and blue corn cafe that's where Ruiz was drinking before he got behind the wheel. And crashed into the passionate -- family's vehicle killing their seventeen and nineteen year old daughter's to the students sometimes I think about it the girl's father who was driving that night says he regularly goes back to the site in Santa Fe where his daughters died in March 2010. But to me when I go back there is -- -- -- -- -- But this lawsuit could reopen that -- according to our partners at the journal Ruiz says the servers at the restaurants violated state law by serving him alcohol when he was already impaired. -- Applebee's and blue corn -- said they would not comment. On pending litigation. Here are Mothers Against Drunk Driving workers are advocating for more training at restaurants to make sure that servers and bartenders. Know who's -- and make sure they don't get behind the wheel the individual the establishment. People around. Anybody who has the ability to keep that tragedy from happening. It's it's the responsibility of all of us within -- community. Meanwhile the passion -- family says they're doing everything to make sure a tragedy like the one they experienced. Hasn't happened to another family -- Kevin has taken to April a month. We'll never get him -- never.

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{"id":18692613,"title":"Drunk Driver Sues Restaurants After Fatal Crash","duration":"1:24","description":"Man claims he was sold more alcohol despite already appearing drunk.","url":"/US/video/drunk-driver-sues-restaurants-serving-drinks-18692613","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}