Elderly Man Fights Hitchhiker in Robbery Attack

Perry Cataldo, 78, crashed his car into two poles during struggle with the suspect.
1:35 | 01/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Elderly Man Fights Hitchhiker in Robbery Attack
Connell bruised his peanuts -- not. Perry -- town Phillies still healing after he was hacked to buying hitchhiker in prominent. He -- grabbing me and punishing me. Punching me and interior and Hud program and I shall fight Wenham punching and punching and punched and. The 78 year old was getting his daily powerball tickets Sunday at this laundromat on breach now. A guy outside -- -- -- -- ride into town until he van. I have never in my life she ever in the eight G issue with that output. That anybody America I wish. Broken. To achieve this -- -- -- -- please. When he turned on to easy street the hitchhiker ground for -- -- -- wall -- out of his pocket and talent don't -- that. Losing control of the Clark crashing into two poll. He you know in which 75. Change. He drew had three Cornish. AW and and which. The great grandfather -- hard of hearing and -- -- Linda's daughter had a secret weapon it. He used to be a box -- In a way it it's good that it. With him and not some -- elderly parents and because 78 -- still pretty solid and they're only -- pain could count till is pretty pleased with his bravery and. Did you and I think I left I wish not to I would've knocked him out believe when it. You're shy away didn't and I whacked him good.

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{"id":18284583,"title":"Elderly Man Fights Hitchhiker in Robbery Attack","duration":"1:35","description":"Perry Cataldo, 78, crashed his car into two poles during struggle with the suspect.","url":"/US/video/elderly-man-fights-hitchhiker-in-robbery-attack-18284583","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}