How Ethanol Fuels Political Talk Ahead of the Iowa Caucuses

ABC News' Josh Haskell visits the Lincolnway Energy ethanol plant in Nevada, Iowa.
13:10 | 01/13/16

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Transcript for How Ethanol Fuels Political Talk Ahead of the Iowa Caucuses
We're back with even if -- Iowa Lincoln way energy were inside the plant right now we're bringing in Eric again the president air acquired here tell. Little bit about what you were saying goes on inside these buildings. Or in the zone. Per minute. Inevitably. Bernard. Current. Water and the get all that. Yet kind of a complicated process but. We'll update Eric again. Letting us know this simple explanation is undefeated that more that you originally felt it dried up. That there is. That's got them all for you folks know what I think Eric and everyone here click play energy law is still have Eric. Here we are in the middle of an election year and it's been here have they reached out to you and why is the aura that's such an important issue in campaign when he sixty. Also racing the United States. Depending upon border where. And I don't Wear them. Really don't like weary over the bar here and finally more. Which makes them very important issue. We'll take you so much. I don't want to bring in Eric brands that right now it would America's renewable future and on that topic area. Love life has become such an important issue campaign when he sixteen. I would that it Donald Trump rally last night Peter Paul and McDonald from when after. First line while it I'm for ethanol at. But vitally. Believe that in the end it'll help but we'll like hey. Point in the front runner and I don't know mr. trump has really take. Timely. Learned about it. The area and is important island. Shows dark yet. Tell us there are you guys planning on Jordan me and it seems like as air mansion earlier. Victoria of the candidates on both sides got a good rating from. America's. Rand Paul head bruise got a bad. Where and where we go from here how do you educate I would voters on who best to help you. However we have put together you. We did great and the bad thing. Minded tender period. So for you where it really. The former. And then all of media partner like. Aren't they are right here. What we are ahead. We have Arctic. Umbrella in rural Iowa. So where what do you say to people who say you know what ethanol is expected to reduce. It's not good for the fire. Funding from. She then maybe some Iowa don't care about what they used. No way I think they're wrong. And we certainly have back. Are are behind. Great part of art. Here we. And that there and I were talking earlier there was a poll that we leave by the boyfriend for about. GOP race here in Iowa and tech is actually dropped a few points the Donald. In your group came out of the press release date you believe it job. Cause of its stand. Our wanting to speak out all the next five year. I don't know if they care brands that for talking to us at their convention 73000. Jobs in Iowa poll and a brilliant one of those. Employees right now works here Lincoln way energy. Chris Cleveland oh Monday brisk and educating our viewers and everything what's good evening vigil and a little bit about ethanol. I don't know a lot of people don't know what ethanol is how it reviews how important to the Iowa economy. What would you like people to know if people eventually shoot this election. I think it's. Going to be around a long time. Around a long time. Yeah rises. And when it comes to presidential candidate. Many of them made more FS and ethanol a central issue here. Did you ever expect that your industry would be this deep in politics I. So don't let people know that it is proven real people like yourself working hard every single day. Try and get that board from the floor here diverted it to lock you'll. What do you. His son misunderstood fact. One of the main banks is. All food first. On. Just to give our viewers what. Repeat by that some people say well there's all the farmland in Iowa and it's a waste. You so much more later produced award just for ethanol and actually doesn't. Few would doubt. In the end. But it does make us less dependent upon. And so what are those that but it had given way. Watch law abiding belief that the land is being used for the right reason homeland being used. A lot of it out there are songs like born. Produced seven all. Different type or gone. There's. Called for. Did talk. Rondo. Let our viewers know stepping. 3% of all the more ethanol. Play and just like this one. And I want to ask you a little bit about that election. Have you made up your mind again and what it. Look and then. A lot of homes on it. Go. And ethanol mean you probably are but what. For something like Ted. We're not a bad rating. Reviewing its head route beginning but now. Turned off hard on this done if my eyes out there. Early on me. Wanted to let her audience know what you're gonna do to make. A little less than. It's all you know as an Iowa farmers and called for ethanol. Well one of the big crate filled botch it up before we sign off to want to show you guys exactly where we'll. So Chris what did. Eric right now. Given one final show and now here. There what do you got. Don't get. That's what ethanol looks like it's not as yellow. If you they've seen and it goes. Steve many ghastly. Where are. The air. You guys may not know that this right here and all 10% is in your gasoline to go to the gas station. I don't hear an Iowa their side when you fill up it goes specifically how much. Is going inside your tank that's not at every gas station but what's important to know is that this product. Produced here in Iowa the number one ethanol briefing. State in the country is heading up. Across the country and it's also access product being used to feed animals on different form. Throughout the country so that might be one of the reasons why so many people including Ted Cruz. Donald Trump Mike Huckabee Rick Santorum. Pretty much every single candidate in the race for talking about renewable fuels are talking about ethanol. We'll continue to have more of this story here from island nineteen days in the Iowa caucus I'm just chocolate debate on Iowa and Lincoln way.

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{"id":36274787,"title":"How Ethanol Fuels Political Talk Ahead of the Iowa Caucuses","duration":"13:10","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell visits the Lincolnway Energy ethanol plant in Nevada, Iowa.","url":"/US/video/ethanol-fuels-political-talk-ahead-iowa-caucuses-36274787","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}