Former Newark Mayor Mugged for Gold Chain

A New Jersey man was arrested for allegedly stealing 78-year-old Sharpe James' jewelry.
1:13 | 04/12/13

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Transcript for Former Newark Mayor Mugged for Gold Chain
They'll we're told that this 77 year old former mayor who would actually -- 54 year terms and also was a state senator from the district here in -- That he had been brought from had been approached from behind by a man who suddenly put him into actual cold then grabbed his gold chain ripped it off of his neck. Now you've been standing outside we -- told of the storefront because he was hoping to take a look at that storefront. From the owner. But that never occurred and that this robbery subtly pulled out of nowhere so while he was startled quiet in the feet then took -- on -- Now what I think -- I think it's sad day in America that you -- that exceeded our it is my news business. And news. What they aren't he speaks beautiful thoughts. It is this is stolen enough that. That we are told -- that police are now also reviewing some cameras were -- storefront out there they think they might be able to get a good look at what happened but again they don't know but that won't yield a suspect but they're hoping they're prowling the streets against what we've seen an increase -- police cars in the area as well hoping to find the suspect reporting live in New York. Tim Fleischer channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":18941408,"title":"Former Newark Mayor Mugged for Gold Chain","duration":"1:13","description":"A New Jersey man was arrested for allegedly stealing 78-year-old Sharpe James' jewelry.","url":"/US/video/former-newark-mayor-sharpe-james-mugged-for-gold-chain-18941408","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}