Gas Explosion Destroys NJ Home

Blast at a condominium complex in Ewing, N.J., injured at least 7 people.
3:00 | 03/04/14

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Transcript for Gas Explosion Destroys NJ Home
Breaking news an explosion at a condominium complex in Ewing township it happened just before 1 o'clock to the dramatic video here. There are at least seven injuries five PSE and -- workers and two contractors. Investigators believe a private contractor digging in the area and struck a gas line Panasonic is over the scene in -- half percent more than. -- -- -- It is that you look at this picture is absolutely -- think that there'll be seven injuries were basically -- Down at ground zero spot at twenty -- -- the explosion happened at about. 1 o'clock this afternoon at 19. This stirring up condos with attached to the one -- -- perfect your picture. The obvious damage to this -- called back just -- it take for quick work here. Look at how it felt -- -- fighting unease detached homes but it is not just. He had told that were affected by this across the street we the ground talking to people who were either side of -- of these condos at the -- that it happened. We just want to bring it to severe side of that. Look I think should be and -- it actually fell off the house is playing L. -- walk beside it we got windows and doors blown out of the ones that are directly across. From the blast zone but beyond that as we bring this picture out just to keep you an idea of how force -- -- damage is obviously. The home that exploded in a row of houses next to that that have some obvious damage as well but all the way across the street. These homes have damage to their garages it would those are fluent -- Disaster here -- People were injured frequently by the frequently -- added.

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{"id":22774601,"title":"Gas Explosion Destroys NJ Home","duration":"3:00","description":"Blast at a condominium complex in Ewing, N.J., injured at least 7 people.","url":"/US/video/gas-explosion-destroys-nj-home-22774601","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}