Great-grandmother graduates from college at 79

Lucy Capers hopes to pass along her love of learning to her family.
1:33 | 05/17/17

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Transcript for Great-grandmother graduates from college at 79
In my or eighteen opponent when he. All her life Lucy capers has had a lot of learning I'll always have have been fat. The no thing. Takers grew up poor in segregated Alabama at a time she says when educational opportunities were hard to come by. At eighteen she got married and settled in Maryland where she raised three children and worked for the federal government. It wasn't until after retirement they capers decided to pursue college partly for South Park for her family. Possibly even law Mazen so dealing and no minute with farewell and good don't. What the great grandmother of thirteen did was earn two associates degrees from prince George's community college but she didn't stop there. Five years ago she enrolled in an online program at the University of Maryland University College. Where she recently received a bachelor's degree in computer studies. This. Capers. At 79 years old capers becomes the second ever family to graduate from college. How many. People at that age will go practice go greater. Few you can do it it doesn't matter whether you do within ten year notes on scene. If Longley from work towards. Clinton hasn't he just happened that not. This error at the home and available at any age in upper Barbara Kelly then news Channel 8 at ten.

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{"id":47459532,"title":"Great-grandmother graduates from college at 79","duration":"1:33","description":"Lucy Capers hopes to pass along her love of learning to her family.","url":"/US/video/great-grandmother-graduates-college-79-47459532","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}