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Human Remains Found in California Water Facility

Los Angeles police investigate female torso found floating in a tank at a treatment plant.
1:18 | 10/29/13

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Transcript for Human Remains Found in California Water Facility
The -- county wastewater treatment plant in Bassett is a sprawling complex this morning workers checking out a blockage reported over the weekend. Made the grisly discovery a human torso found floating in a settling tank. At this point in time but we know it's -- female. Possibly Hispanic. We have no idea at this point in time we have no cause -- death. Investigators suspect the parts found today come from the same woman whose pelvis and legs were found over the weekend at a county sewage plant in Carson. Their theory right now the woman's body was washed into the facilities -- a large sewage -- how we got into the system. Still a mystery but the belief is that the heavy machinery in the processing facility. Dismembered the body at this plant here and industry they do not process solids off solids. Get. Sent downstream to Carson who processes solids and that's why the partial torso ended up in bars. Hazmat crews remove the body parts this afternoon investigators say the woman's left arm is still missing. The medical Examiner's office is expected to examine the body parts tomorrow to determine if they are indeed related to the parts found in Carson. Because this is a sewage plant sheriff's officials say the drinking water supply is unaffected.

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{"id":20717033,"title":"Human Remains Found in California Water Facility","duration":"1:18","description":"Los Angeles police investigate female torso found floating in a tank at a treatment plant.","url":"/US/video/human-remains-found-california-water-facility-20717033","section":"US","mediaType":"Default"}