Internet Celebrity Arrested in Lawyer's Homicide

Caleb "Kai" McGillvary was charged with the murder of a 73-year-old attorney in New Jersey.
2:05 | 05/17/13

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Transcript for Internet Celebrity Arrested in Lawyer's Homicide
There's one -- and detailed McGill -- -- oil is how to get around he'd been a sort of cross country back up bonds for years on a remarkable except for that one incident in Fresno and -- prevented up beating. And gained some -- celebrity but that's all behind him now he's an accused killer who was captured tonight in Philadelphia. Got that they can -- woman's necklace a pencil stick for about a minute Caleb -- over it was a sort of Internet folk hero so bash not anymore. I don't care who we news we consider him the person -- murdered -- -- After a four game manhunt police -- -- worried -- night at the Greyhound bus station in Philadelphia police say he. Met attorney Joseph gal -- on Saturday stated LB's Clark New Jersey home. And murdered in there McDill -- took this picture of himself on Sunday with suddenly shorter hair and posted this message on FaceBook an apparent explanation. What would you do if you woke up with a groggy had metallic taste in your mouth and a stranger's house. What would you do. There was also a graphic description of a sexual encounter whatever happened LB's body was found on Monday. He had his underwear on -- Sox -- He was beaten severely. On Sunday night the Gilbert was seen on surveillance tape at the -- at 1051 and Clark and the owner knew right away something was wrong but didn't fit -- That'll work and in 10 o'clock and I asking for water the whole strip mall was pitch black. But in the Gilbert was gone by the time police got to the -- -- and by Monday night he had made his way to Philadelphia again spending the night with strangers. Who had no idea he was wanted for murder. We didn't know it when he was staying here I mean -- really give any signs of -- business of the kind everything. Afterwards kind of it kind of made -- after everything we're hearing. -- -- -- -- will spend tonight in Philadelphia. In jail. They'll be brought back -- -- Addison county may be as early as tomorrow and is expected to face murder charges reporting live from -- New Jersey Jim Dolan channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":19199929,"title":"Internet Celebrity Arrested in Lawyer's Homicide","duration":"2:05","description":"Caleb \"Kai\" McGillvary was charged with the murder of a 73-year-old attorney in New Jersey.","url":"/US/video/internet-celebrity-arrested-lawyers-homicide-19199929","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}