Jodi Arias Remains Calm Under Cross-Examination

Prosecutor attempts to show a pattern of lies and jealousy surrounding Travis Alexander's death.
7:01 | 02/21/13

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Transcript for Jodi Arias Remains Calm Under Cross-Examination
And so. You couldn't just let that situation alone what you decide to come from dead anyway right. Of course and the reason they did -- because if you work jobs. You know. And then you did talk to him about this -- correct. Yes and yeah -- right. Now he didn't get -- screaming -- there's no intelligence and yes he didn't. Each -- The tax. It's just one of the things that people that would that there was a text message that he says something about payments he heat error. Yes and that it would -- to our -- right. Yes in his car tax message one are ended -- -- -- his right hand right. Yes and that he got -- bright. Yes. And it after he got. One of the things -- Wilson site are that's right yes. And -- -- here right. No we don't matter it's something text messages easy after the witness so. Do you are you telling me that fabricating a text message. Not nothing so you like to him. Mr. Alexander -- Yes well. So you. Sending that. Text message. And tell -- this is. Six but I. -- you candidate that countless lives. And so. Perhaps the question well how -- that make you feel. We didn't mr. sandy was sitting in east Texas as Obama took care do you remember good. Yes. We're finding -- CNET news. With -- yeah. Issue how you feel. Isn't -- the same way that expands. When you were keeping in his window. You know obviously -- the doctors is -- The -- as much as the work combined -- care. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- we were sent me and what time. Steve Carroll unknown and the girl from Phoenix yes. And it took just okay review. Yeah. But when it comes to him. Being with some other -- You decide from front. Yeah yeah yeah -- people that's yes it was that -- not much destruction right. Sexually. Yes man -- You told us you're monogamous and definitely not this movie -- doesn't it. I think he means when it's well I don't and I between sexually death. -- When music -- actually does. Which -- What we're satisfied that we're talking about remember. Moments -- Alexander. I relationship with mom so I'm do you. He had Rentokil. Humiliating that -- -- -- right yes. And every time you then. Being. -- and he will let us he's right. Yes everything -- -- -- You don't get up doesn't it by the name of Brian Burke yes innuendo in his back right. -- -- -- -- -- -- OK and quickly. That alone according to you mr. Alexander stimulus that was. Listen to discuss what -- asking whether I'm disgusted with the super. -- -- Mr. burns I'm asking you at that time didn't you tell us yesterday. You thought you were -- was. Do you remember. Not need to from the liberty corner by the front. What it. Who's dead tell me. Homes and a confirmation and -- So hey you got confirmation. You let -- -- witnessed occurred well before you did you. Yes. Yes and so at that point it didn't know according to hero story that is -- Because I knew. And -- was accepting. -- period -- which part of the -- made -- place here. You know yeah. Plant where mr. firms. And he -- -- yet. He did yeah yeah. I don't honestly in my mind -- -- So if you didn't think he was -- that -- -- -- things that then it's okay for you. He was. The server error -- mr. Alexander. -- her birth. I'm single. Just like he wasn't obvious two. Yeah that's right yes so it's okay for you than it should be okay for him. Humans and -- They want to confront the next day it was okay casinos to clone human ignorance. And -- cousins hope. Your company's -- you felt he deserved an expert. Yes -- -- just happen. And mr. Alexander wouldn't you. If you still alive he would have deserved an explanation that reviewed the early in his corner. -- we're. It that you're quite different -- here are you know. You're saying it's okay for you to confront him about the situation but not okay for mr. Alexander -- conference right. He wanted to meet wouldn't -- --

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{"id":18561232,"title":"Jodi Arias Remains Calm Under Cross-Examination","duration":"7:01","description":"Prosecutor attempts to show a pattern of lies and jealousy surrounding Travis Alexander's death.","url":"/US/video/jodi-arias-remains-calm-cross-examination-18561232","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}