Man Trapped in Cave After Fall Rescued in 24 Hours

The Georgia rescue effort occurred at one of the nation's deepest caves.
1:38 | 05/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Trapped in Cave After Fall Rescued in 24 Hours
A life force helicopter flies -- to pick up the keeping victims. Paramedics and doctors on site -- 54 year old it was suffered serious injuries. This is a shot of the fantastic pit inside Alison -- it's a straight drop of 586. Feet. The deepest unobstructed -- in the country. A passage way connects this -- -- incredible that on the other side of the case that's where the victim fell. -- about thirty feet by analyst and win over a screen section. Which is kind of a breakdown of the rock section and stuff another thirty to forty feet after that. A well coordinated effort of rescuers from walker Hamilton County teamed up with out of state -- Paramedic -- boss works with Hamilton County -- and cliff rescue he was one of the first ones this year. This is a pretty challenging five's what we expected to take a lot longer did that we just. We've worked with walker county in -- -- they so much this you know we're becoming world machine. The victim suffered a severely broken leg. Head trauma and possible broken ribs doctor David Horton provided medical assistance down inside decayed. When we talk to the paramedics about from a we talk about the golden hour which is one hour we want to promise that -- -- -- a golden day. And we got in there and he's still alive and that's that's. That's two thumbs up and down deep in this -- doctor Wharton says the victim's friends provided lifesaving for state they were. Very. It's due to be able to get that controlled enough to where we could then split. We just left the dressing on.

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{"id":19271270,"title":"Man Trapped in Cave After Fall Rescued in 24 Hours","duration":"1:38","description":"The Georgia rescue effort occurred at one of the nation's deepest caves.","url":"/US/video/man-trapped-in-cave-fall-rescued-after-24-hours-19271270","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}