Marine Stands Guard at California School

Sgt. Craig Pusley stood at Hughson Elementary School so students and parents could feel safe.
1:40 | 12/20/12

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Transcript for Marine Stands Guard at California School
Houston Elementary School officials arrived this morning to find their school -- new security. Combat boots and full fatigue uniform a veteran of the United States Marine Corps stood at. Out here in the cold he volunteered his services. He approached me and ask me -- would be okay. If he -- -- in -- of our flag pull this morning to make sure their parents think it's felt safe as they -- for the day on our campus. He served two terms that I read -- one in Afghanistan. But Sargent Craig -- felt a new call to duty. After watching the news of the Connecticut school shootings last week. I'm part of -- Marine Corps fraternity. And I start noticing that there -- causing that it Marines stood in front of schools we would have ever had to Connecticut problem. There's no policy for something like best that I couldn't see any reason why he couldn't stand -- -- -- our school and -- saint and that's exactly what this veteran did all day. Parents and teachers dropped -- coffee at refreshments. And -- school let out parents who were still emotional from the Connecticut news. Thank you have -- have posted here this morning -- and they can't -- Failure -- his -- relieving even children found the best ways to thank him. He hopes -- believes we'll take up the call to protect children. What better place central flyable. If that's the center of the school as -- -- there. But it is still -- that they can't get through that door and get past it it's only -- doors. -- says it's an honor to be the school's first line of defense. Even though he is an arms now and Aaron need to be. I'll take bullet for instance -- plans to stand guard over these kids for the next thirty days. In Houston -- painter used.

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{"id":18025327,"title":"Marine Stands Guard at California School","duration":"1:40","description":"Sgt. Craig Pusley stood at Hughson Elementary School so students and parents could feel safe.","url":"/US/video/marine-stands-guard-california-school-18025327","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}