Mechanics Find 8 Pounds of Pot in Spare Tire

About $12,000 worth of marijuana was discovered after Ohio woman brought her car in for servicing.
3:00 | 03/05/14

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Transcript for Mechanics Find 8 Pounds of Pot in Spare Tire
This is what it looks like all wrapped and sealed but we use snuff out all the pieces of this caper. It forms a circle looks kind of market higher so let's hash this out. -- -- aren't verse service -- yesterday. And screwed was tires -- -- on the car the Lorain county sheriff's office says the woman took her car back to where she bought it. Over AutoNation Ford in her township she has the 2013. Ford Fusion when mechanics put on the -- tire and she drove away. They heard a bong type sound and broke her -- down to find out why I was making. Annoyance and this was what the -- Eight pounds of marijuana a street value. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 121000 dollars it was done by somebody -- knew what they were the car -- brand new sheriff's office says it was built in Mexico. Trying to find out who -- this belongs to could be difficult. We stopped -- think he's restaurant to stir the pot and see what the locals think -- bottle that's. It in my mind I'm seeing jackpot because I'm a police officer on my gun gonna bust somebody. -- -- I mean it tells me somebody's not doing their job grave and renowned technology nowadays -- -- and third had something to tell that something's an entire. So was it turns out putting the drugs in the tire. Is not such a dopey idea. Yeah that's one of the big big. Places that they use the hydrants. Yes yes because a lot officers over look at part of it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Could smaller cars in that her -- trapped people.

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{"id":22792007,"title":"Mechanics Find 8 Pounds of Pot in Spare Tire","duration":"3:00","description":"About $12,000 worth of marijuana was discovered after Ohio woman brought her car in for servicing.","url":"/US/video/mechanics-find-pounds-pot-spare-tire-22792007","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}