Missouri Executes 4 Inmates in 4 Months

Michael Taylor, 47, is the latest inmate to be executed in the state of Missouri.
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Transcript for Missouri Executes 4 Inmates in 4 Months
With the ports scheduled execution in misery in as many months more prayer vigils were held across the state by those that oppose the death penalty one of those was held at bishop -- high school in Saint Joseph to pray for Michael Taylor the latest -- scheduled to be executed in the states. Killing people is wrong that's our main. Messages. For members of missourians for alternatives to the death penalty this is starting to become make common occurrence at -- -- cannot be another went to the end of march after a temporary stay was listed in November misery executed convicted murder Joseph Paul Franklin a month later -- -- and was executed just four weeks ago it was Herbert smalls and now convicted murder Michael Taylor is next in line. Taylor in another man are accused of -- in killing fifteen year old in Harrison in 1980. Ninth in the eighty PS -- of this website to highlight the flaws in Taylor's case and why you should not be executed but they say it is much more than Taylor's case. They along with other opponents say that. The methods that they did the drugs are inhumane there's belief that it that the series going across state lines to use -- pharmacy from Oklahoma just. Cynical company that provided the drugs previously stop supplying it for executions. Meaning states like Missouri have to find alternative drugs in January an Ohio man took ten minutes to die after one of these alternative drugs was unsuccessful. Part of the concern is there isn't enough research we don't know enough about. How painful the -- deaths are many defense attorneys have said -- and that raises a question. Cruel and unusual punishment. The united -- Supreme Court could get involved in the case later this week but for now groups like in eighty.

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{"id":22677571,"title":"Missouri Executes 4 Inmates in 4 Months","duration":"3:00","description":"Michael Taylor, 47, is the latest inmate to be executed in the state of Missouri.","url":"/US/video/missouri-executes-four-inmates-in-four-months-22677571","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}