Prosecutors Take Aim at Zimmerman Timeline as Trial Enters Week 2

Prosecution witnesses take stand including investigator who questioned Zimmerman night of shooting.
9:46 | 07/01/13

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Transcript for Prosecutors Take Aim at Zimmerman Timeline as Trial Enters Week 2
This is a special report from ABC news. Again -- -- New York -- ABC news digital special report day six of the trade on Martin's case as we are entering the second week of the trial. Today more prosecution witnesses on the stand including the detective who question George -- the night of the shooting. Ross expected to hear from the lead investigator a little bit later on the day but right now -- -- bring in ABC's Eric -- -- -- in Sanford Florida covering the case for -- -- thank you for being with us. -- -- we still at this point definitively don't know who started the fight that night but are we closer. To getting a better idea the sequence of events that happened given today's testimony. Well given -- testimony from George -- its own mouth as told to. The investigator Doris Singleton the night of the shooting. She gave rather detailed and steady account of what he says happened very matter of fact his voice was calm and each time he said that. There was an altercation. That trip on -- was the one who instigated it -- who came up Truman said. -- of a problem in its. George Zimmermann told the investigator no I don't have a problem and -- he said told -- you do now and then punched him in the nose and that started a fight. That George Zimmerman believes was a fight for his lights and of course prosecutors have tried to portrayed -- a bit differently. But George Simmons claim of self defense it was as if he was testifying today Dan but because that was that that would clear calm statement out of out of the defendants now. And it's is part of for the test where that has been so. Interesting to listen knowledge to the into the audio portion of an obviously for the architectural aspects of it as well I want to -- -- a bit from the recordings from the investigation. On that. GE. I've seen a suspicious person. -- neighborhood. When we called police. And these guys always get away -- book there's this. That is shown particular. I didn't Christian neighborhood and all the residents. He was leisurely walking -- as -- I don't know houses and -- -- often. Looked at me. So Aaron I want to ask you about that because a lot of people have been asking as has the court been asking about why. Trade bomb was in -- neighborhood do we know based on those tapes that different provided. Based on the tapes noble we know he was in the neighborhood visiting his dad had had his dad's girlfriends her fiance is thousand. He had been watching the NBA all star game it was halftime and he went to get a snack dead at at the local convenience store we don't know and Arizona watermelon drink and and -- -- kittles and he was on his way home and remember the testimony from Rachel Johns held his friend with whom he was on the phone and he said to her according to her testimony that there was somebody following him. And it's in that moment that prosecutors say George Zimmerman may be his own worst enemy because you heard him describe -- on Martin as a suspicious person. Later he describes him as a suspect and a suspect is what. Prosecutors believe is in George -- head. They say George -- profile trade -- -- as somebody about to commit a crime. And that's what led to this entire altercation no matter who -- who in the nose first. It was that moment when George -- profile -- on Martin that indicates she started the fight that's why this testimony is so important to the prosecution. But it's nuanced and and whether that it did the jury is getting it properly of course we won't -- -- verdict on well and it ended zero men's testimony seems to be consistent even. In that police reporting -- and -- threatened him and attacked him. And I -- to go to that somebody if we can't. I was walking back through. -- -- -- or. And huge from the bush is peace -- the -- home again I got myself on. Took home -- Do not and -- have -- problem and he punch in the nose. -- -- -- -- -- I try to defend themselves he started punching me in the face. -- searching for help. -- -- people looking and seeing the -- calling on one of the nicest told me how he's killing me and. He puts his hand on my nose. He says you're gonna die. Kendall all. Don't remember much. And air from what I understand from part of that statement there that there may be something that could be raising some eyebrows with investigators about. The mention of Bush's and essentially the describing the scene that night. Right because in the area where Zimmerman says they are in the neighborhood. There are no bushes there and so was this part of an inconsistent account or was this. The admitted kind of testimony of somebody and just got beat up and and wasn't remembering correctly prosecutors are going to try and and and point out of every little inconsistency. To try and make it clear to the jury as they see it. That -- George Zimmermann is not are reliable witness and and prosecutors also cast. Doubt -- on his assertion that he believed he was in a fight for his life they've already tried to point out that his injuries weren't that bad. That even though Martin may has -- his head against the ground. That he didn't end up. Terribly hurt and that's where prosecutors hope that the jurors are going to notice these little differences whether it's enough to prove second degree murder. That -- last have to wait -- of course. We're regarding the detectives that were involved in this case of the five law enforcement officers that were initially involved in this detective Doris Singleton is the only one who is still in the department. Is that a factor that either side might be using either during this case obviously to their advantage. -- -- -- this Sanford police department was left reeling by this entire case first. From civil rights marchers who contend that they've just tried to sweep the death of a young black kid under the rug and then later from from members of the community that were outraged about. The police conduct. -- from the state when they took away all their jurisdiction for for how they've been handling murder cases in general and assigned the case to a special prosecutor. And so there's a whole new police chief. The lead detective in the case Chris -- Reno had been reassigned. And -- and I think that that may come -- because later on and we're going to hear from its. Detectives -- Reno a little bit later we expect today that -- and she's going to talk about -- fresher. From outside 222 we didn't recommend charges against -- Zimmerman charges that did not come until weeks after that recommendation. Following the public outcry. What are the things -- of the jury and the court has heard air watch today it was a Google Maps print out that essentially outlined Georgia Romans. Timeline of events that clearly obviously that the -- bringing -- efforts to help clarify and better understand. Exactly what Zimmerman has had had happened. But in using this kind. Evidence was it more difficult did it seem as if the jury was able to comprehend. Exactly what was being presented in front of them. Yeah it's a great question and and I always think a fool's errand to try and figure out. What's resonating with the jury and and and what may not but you can tell the jurors are paying rapt attention all but one. Take copious notes there are a date they are engaged with the testimony as one of the lawyers in the case has told us -- board nobody's falling asleep. This is an engaged jury a jury that's paying attention not only to the witnesses but to the lawyers and and seemingly. You know whether they're absorbing -- the way the lawyers want it's always the question. But but I think the jury is taking an -- -- and and seems to be anyway just based on their facial expressions and there serious note taking some of them they they seem to be getting it. Speech expert was also called in as what the try to disseminated exactly who was on those 911 calls has there been any kind of conclusion made from that -- on. And he were called to the stand. No no conclusions but that is the key question in this case whose voice do you hear in the background. Of a 911 call screaming for help that would help the jury determine in large part who was the aggressor that night that's why it's such an important piece of evidence. Prosecutors said made something to the -- in calling an FBI. Voice recognition analyst -- the stand he was supposed to be a witness for the defense because he was the one who said. You just can't tell the samples not good enough and so anybody who says otherwise is just kind of you know that mad scientist. The prosecutors -- didn't ask for his opinion on whose voice you actually hear they wanted to know about. The science behind his his trade. And he said there is no substitute. When it comes to recognizing. A voice for somebody who was heard it before somebody like maybe trip on Martin's mother. Or father perhaps teeing up testimony from them little bit later on. And especially -- closely scrutinized in this trial ABC's characters in -- -- Aaron thank you for your time this afternoon certainly appreciate it. Of course trial will continue on and the coverage does continue as well on the live stream. And a complete write up on For now I'm Dan Cutler and New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special. Report from me.

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{"id":19545907,"title":"Prosecutors Take Aim at Zimmerman Timeline as Trial Enters Week 2","duration":"9:46","description":"Prosecution witnesses take stand including investigator who questioned Zimmerman night of shooting.","url":"/US/video/prosecutors-aim-zimmerman-timeline-trial-enters-week-19545907","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}