Public Tips Lead to Arrest in San Francisco Manhunt

Ryan Chamberlain was wanted by the FBI for allegedly possessing explosive materials.
16:28 | 06/03/14

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Transcript for Public Tips Lead to Arrest in San Francisco Manhunt
This is a special -- And a manhunt over the suspect wanted for possibly having an explosives in his apartment caught near his car at Crissy field. Not far from the famed Golden Gate Bridge the question now what was he doing there I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. Authorities in San Francisco are about to hold a live press conference on this arrest. Let's go there live now to San Francisco outside the federal building and -- As well as agents on the San Francisco FBI leadership team to announce the arrest -- Ryan. Kelly Chamberlain the second. -- 42 years of age was arrested by San Francisco police officers yesterday at approximately 6:30 PM. Pacific time here busy field without incident calling -- nation -- -- last Saturday. And was wanted by the FBI. For allegedly possessing explosive materials in -- president. Although -- -- custody. This remains an ongoing investigation. And we appreciate appreciate the public's understanding and patience at the justice system. Now takes -- To be perfectly clear. We believe any threat to public safety. As -- games in this case. Once again the FBI's San Francisco field office turned to the public. As we have on so many occasions for assistance. And the public came through. We received hundreds of tips from individuals in the Bay Area and throughout the country goes without saying with the public played a critical role in this arrest. Before that. I think that. As often -- to his big case this investigation. Was a result of the collaboration and assistance of many different agencies. Some of whom are assigned to our joint terrorist task force here in San Cisco. I would like to personally thank the ATF. California Highway Patrol. San Francisco fire department. US park police and -- -- -- law enforcement. Reed provided resources. And support it finally break the arrest could not have been possible without being vigilant new wave. There's no police department just maybe initial identification. Of the vehicle and approach mr. I won't -- the podium over to. I have to tell you this. I'm very proud to be fed chief -- -- police department. Okay. So. Again did their. I was on my dad says. Feel the pride of the innocent Cisco police officer none more than today. Working with the FBI and I -- -- I had just gotten up the -- With special agent in charge Johnson -- about 45 minutes before this arrest took place we have been in constant. This suspect mr. Chamberlain -- A very dangerous and desperate person I think that you can tell from. FaceBook and social media -- -- to him yesterday that was only escalating. And yet -- officers both from this office and the San Francisco police department we're responding. Pretty much anywhere big very big better pay anything that was attributed to his whereabouts. At about 630 last night. Us citizen. And again god bless the citizens of resentment and all the tips. Reported. That they saw somebody that they believe might be mr. Chamberlain -- greens. Officer. -- Kuralt. And her when -- -- northern station. Where there almost immediately they spotted mr. Chamberlain also believed it to -- again. Do you notice the officers -- appeared to and fled the scene -- tried to they gave chase without any regard to their own safety. Knowing that he was as dangerous is. I had been reported by you all -- the media. Struggle ensued. And they were able to take him into custody I think some people actually seen the video of that. Again unbelievable police -- unbelievable cooperation. With our federal partners. To get somebody who is absolutely. Growing more desperate by the moment. In crisis which which brings me to a plea to the public. If anybody knows anybody that is in what has been reported to be a dark place. We're so -- something -- where they may cause danger to themselves or somebody else. Please report that to us please tell us. Third we have more resources and separate system may be anywhere to help somebody that's in crisis before they can -- ourselves or others and there's a phrase call the predictable surprise where. Everybody including those assembled. Go to groups announced they would be taken everybody says they -- they knew what was coming to some varying -- if you think it's coming please tell us now. Tell us out of time before anybody can be heard including the person in that dark place. A closing just did god bless the men and women of the police department and the FBI. Will hopefully mr. Chamberlain. Be attended to. And then he certainly can. Be looked after in the federal justice system for what has been reported. Again they accused officers broadened works out all the offices -- northern station. And -- bomb attacks. Put themselves in harm's way. And favorable. They see the -- -- he had few questions of the Adam before we even get started on the if your horses. Let me reiterate that this is an ongoing investigation. I'm not gonna talk about evidence today. The initial appearance. Just this morning upstairs for mr. Chamberlain. Additional information will be made available after that nine. And afterwards but for purposes of this morning. -- -- -- Weren't exactly sure. We had a little. Then he had. Items great concern to us in his residence. -- and some of that was not corroborated when we executed a search warrant at that location. He was. We did not know where he was. At that time and that's what resulted in. Forty at. -- -- -- It's gotten some information -- -- -- received some information. That there might have been. That he had possession of certain materials that we believe we're in in his apartment. It's comment and I. -- -- magnetic diabetic comments now what his motivation. That's when. -- I can't answer I can't answer that question and particular all like to say is that there were particular items that were found. When we executed a search warrant they caused us great concern. Concern for the public safety in any event that he decided to utilize those of such a fashion it was. -- -- -- I don't really. Yes so again I think that both into the evidence category and can't talk. At this point -- So he has been. Complaint. Was filed -- -- Basically. Yes we had we had any contact with -- on them wanting me. Right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- Several days ago. He resisted arrest. -- the offices overcame the resistance without any injury to themselves or mr. -- Same thing only what I've seen on. Videotape -- Related to the -- initial appearances. -- -- Don't know you can -- So his car right now. Of course because of an -- -- case -- home. Appropriate precautions are being -- game. By -- law enforcement personnel involved -- -- my understanding is that either they searched as. Occurred earth has taken place of respect for the people. -- -- Exact status. -- surprise that he was still lives there. Looking great now never a lucky break. So the my personal answer to that is yes I was -- I was surprised he was -- San Francisco. But clearly this season -- where most of good news. -- -- -- Hindsight. -- the question was whether or not we anticipate any additional arrests. -- where -- got these materials the answer is. Ongoing investigation will continue to. Doctor then -- very thorough manner. Everyone thank you very much for coming up and. I -- the answer to the first question is how my understanding is that yes he does have a very limited. Criminal history. None of which. It's not my understanding of that criminal history relates to. The question -- you why would you. We have been very much for coming in until there's nine -- realizing -- -- they have next time he knows that look beautiful. -- winds and -- question he doesn't mean good news I can't Atlanta here. Thank -- -- electric -- disappears I believe that 930 upstairs here Bill Burton federal building. Now you've been listening to a press conference in San Francisco outside the federal building FBI's -- special agent David Johnson. Announcing that Ryan Chamberlain the man who was the target of a manhunt all weekend will face federal charges in court this morning I want to bring an ABC's senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. In Washington he's been following this case from the start. -- give me an idea walk us through the case it all started Saturday when authorities searched Ryan Chamberlain San Francisco apartment. But how did he become the focus of the FBI. As we just heard from a press coverage it is clear that they got a tip information that he might have item is in his apartment in his residence. That would give them concern. We think that probably is going to turn out to be -- -- explosive materials based on what they said over the weekend. And because -- what they found the explosive materials. They want it to find him as quickly as possible now they didn't quite have a clear understanding of what he -- What to do with the explosives and looks like they had no clear evidence that he was planning to harm other people but given the fact that they found explosives. Did not know where he was they -- losses manhunt law enforcement. In the post on eleven -- is just much more proactive about these kinds of cases and with. The shootings like you see -- Tucson. And in Newtown police are looking to be more proactive. In terms of people who have mental health issues or emotional issues before they can act -- so I think that's why you saw the -- -- responds. And we're looking at cell phone video right now taken at Crissy field when that arrest took place one of the witnesses. Earlier saying it look like he may have been looking for something in his backseat do we know if police found anything. In that car. They said that there are about to search his car -- that should happen sometime today. -- effective date he had exposes apparently had exposes -- in his apartment that they are going to be very careful about how they go into the car. -- make sure it's -- booby trapped or something like that so we won't have those answers. Until well of it. And -- we are also learning more about Ryan Chamberlain we know that he was involved in San Francisco politics throughout the past decade what else do we know about his background what did authorities say. -- -- all they have says so far as -- -- on his social media accounts he was president worked in politics at work in the media. He was someone who was known to the San Francisco political community. Many of his friends were shocked. That he might be involved in something like this. Fact we spoke to. Arctic air Phillies spoke to one of his friends on Sunday and he talked about that this was that they were flabbergasted that he could be involved in something like this. The -- information again that they had was again a balancing act. On one hand you have explosive materials on the other hand no indicates that this man is going to tax the public but they couldn't take any chances. And a lot of that also stemmed from these possible postings that Chamberlain. May have made on his FaceBook and Twitter. Count. Yes in fact that's what gave in the sense that he was. Emotionally disturbed if those in factor his. As you are you heard the police -- say. They look like he was in a dark place. -- -- of descending emotionally and that's why there was some urgency to find him because again when people. Have issues like that you don't know if they're going to be -- harm to themselves or others. Thank you Pierre Thomas for that report we know you will also be following this story. This has been an ABC news digital special report keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring in this story. For those exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":23976434,"title":"Public Tips Lead to Arrest in San Francisco Manhunt ","duration":"16:28","description":"Ryan Chamberlain was wanted by the FBI for allegedly possessing explosive materials.","url":"/US/video/public-tips-lead-arrest-san-francisco-manhunt-23976434","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}