Surfers Take Advantage of Hurricane-Strengthened Waves

Newport Beach, California, is being hit with some of the biggest waves in years.
9:34 | 08/27/14

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Transcript for Surfers Take Advantage of Hurricane-Strengthened Waves
Huge waves crashing on both coasts today rising by the hour Malibu California to the left and Jacksonville Florida to the right of the screen. And all because of this two dueling hurricanes gas gathering strength. -- over the Pacific and crystal ball swirling over the Atlantic a rare double whammy of weather for the US. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York neither of the hurricanes are expected to directly. Hit the mainland but the waves are kick it up today. More of that beach and Jacksonville Florida where the high hazard warning flags in place as hurricane -- ball moves up the Atlantic. Instead of pushing people away from the beach though it seems more people are flocking to the beach -- -- gain strength. As it heads towards Bermuda but it's too far -- to cause any major damage to the East Coast. And now we want to go live to California where reporter Alex Stone -- watched it all from our Los Angeles bureau Alex thanks for joining Nantes nice backdrop. That is nice backdrop right now this is what it looks like in Laguna Beach right now Michelle and you can see the waves that are here right now this is set up powerful an event like California hasn't seen in some time -- saying. All the way back to 1997. Since California -- seen a wave event like this. All of this coming because of hurricane Maria about 800 miles off the coast -- at a south west of California. But causing the waves to -- And not only are they churning but also the surged from these waves causing some flooding along the beach communities here in Southern California. Now there is sandbagging underway and they are cleaning up those areas. Alex were -- in a live aerial view of along the coast there and you can just see the the surge in the surf just lapping. At those nearby homes give us the big picture for California in that area of how much of an impact -- hurricane -- going to make. Let's not only impacting Southern California right now it's also impacting northern California it's all the way up the coast of California. In Malibu yesterday -- surfer in his fifties died nobody knows yet if it's related to this earth but. A number of surfers have gone into the water. Even though lifeguards and saying you gotta be careful if you're not experience surfer don't do it. It can be extremely dangerous now many people flocking to watch what's going on not just with the surfers but also with the the waves themselves. But it is impacting much of California right now in the form of these waves and the flooding a lot of people who live along the coast. They are sandbagging they are getting ready trying to stop any water from coming in and affecting their home. And Alex we -- it turned out ABC's nick -- who within north north and Newport Beach where a lot of those. Anyway people -- surfers are definitely just being drawn out by hurricane Marie make it -- the weather is not a cause for concern people seem to be rushing to the beach instead of away from it. Michelle there's a bit of a party atmosphere down here to be honest -- -- there are -- twenty brave surfers in the water behind me this is called the wedge here at Newport Beach where the waves are apparently particularly good. We have seen they say sets of up to twenty feet high -- this morning and a beach is. With people watching this event the -- now has dipped slightly because it is now high tide -- They say that the waves are slightly lower but. They're better shape percent picks I would like Kelly hi let me add one another -- and tumbles yeah. Get an idea. The atmosphere out there what sort of protection there -- other lifeguards about what we're looking out there that this. Someone once is absolutely -- -- it. There -- live guards died here in full force and -- -- many surfers are tumbling in their way. -- -- in LA county yesterday there were 100. Feet from. This is dangerous you shouldn't be going in. -- doing even experienced surfers. Are getting batted around here but so far the waves have not broken through the -- we are seeing them lapping up here just behind me that it would -- high tide but. No damage here in Newport Beach just a fun dad for people who love watching. Danger and surfing. That's an amazing amount of rescues of course it's very rare to have a Pacific storm. Like this as we mentioned -- you've got people are just drawn to this surfers who live for this type of weather. And who do not heed the warnings and then what about voters and anything like that you hearing any sort of water warnings as well for her vessels. Well I mean they are saying don't go into the -- unless you really know what you're doing I mean they say at Alex mentioned they haven't had a storm like this since 1997. A big hurricane offshore. Pushing -- the waves but the lifeguards here say that. About every five to ten years they do get waves this big -- these guys -- lifeguards are used to dealing with as -- say they -- -- In full force making sure it. That these guys. Are safe while they're having what I suppose is fun. -- and give an idea obviously the surfers are out there but it's also the concern I would imagine up and down the coast for those who lives dangerous rip currents for anyone who might just venture into the water not serving. Absolutely as Alex mentioned there was a man drag yes -- there was apparently another rescue this morning up in Malibu. A -- with a dislocated shoulder who'd lost his lead to -- who was they say. Rescued by none other than layered Hamilton. Who is of course the legendary -- were waiting on confirmation of that but yes it is dangerous these. Rip -- these currents are exceptionally strong most people. Are sensible. Understanding on the beach there are wires there are ball -- people are not going to. The lifeguards are keeping everybody back from. The edge of the beach apart from the service everybody is being kept back and of course yesterday we sold also burns being built. Further up the coast to try and protect. The beach front homes from any flooding sandbagging we -- none of that here in Newport Beach yet there had been some flooding and little further north. Seal Beach Santa Monica Venice but minor flooding. Right here -- I -- myself so far so good people are having a good time but that ocean looks very very frightening. Yes certainly need to respect the -- still -- watt monitoring the situation in Newport Beach and also Alex don't in Los Angeles thank you. Want to bring in AccuWeather is Justin Paul that Justin where these hurricanes heading and how strong are they expect me. Well Michelle it's active right now I definitely as we head toward BS started -- -- it's not surprising we typically see are uptick in activity as we -- in the early. -- also late September a little -- little strange that you have two hurricanes literally sitting about the same. Latitude both off the southeastern seaport. And off the coast of California that's of course while we have the large swells and also be dangerous surf. In terms of strength it looks like both of these systems have reached their peak straight. And the -- will start to slowly come down over the course of the next couple days a couple of days ago Marie termed a mighty -- was actually had. Category four hurricane and that's why -- high. The surf and also large swells have been generates so far from the system. As opposed the crystal ball which is -- Tighter smaller circulation this to critics of choppy surf as it did the -- -- islands in the Bahamas and Southport Hispaniola and even cool about. But now as it moves off to the north and west we will see some rains. And some gusty winds and also some -- -- -- Bermuda even though they will not take a direct impact there will be cement packs. And in this system quickly clears up to the north and the west meanwhile. The combination of a high pressure system which -- sunshine -- nice weather. And our. Hurricane off to the southeast will create some gusty winds in some choppy surface of dangerous rip currents along the southeast for the next couple days. -- of Mexico now this system does have some tropical characteristics but we do not expected to become a tropical storm -- hurricane nonetheless there will be some beneficial. Heavy rains along the East Coast of Texas the next couple -- -- here's Marie. She slowly spinning it's way up toward the north and west of this system will continue to weaken the next couple the base as the -- -- rather high along the Baja California stretching all -- -- Up the West Coast let's turn back to you. And just and we know that the Pacific -- had some warmer temperatures this year is that also helping fuel these storms. That's right that's a key contributor the warm sea surface water temperatures are definitely corresponding to a bit of -- -- usually active -- -- throughout the Pacific. And an idea in general is -- -- Nina -- play also where we have these storms developing more on the Pacific side. In specific yes el Ninos typically mean more active the Pacific hurricane seasons that's been the case so far this year even though were only evolving into a weaker el -- so. Definitely good correlation there. Very good AccuWeather is Justin Paul -- thank you very much for joining us and of course once again. If you wanna keep up with this story download the ABC news -- star this story for those exclusive. Updates on ago for now I'm Michelle Franzen and New York.

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{"id":25149451,"title":"Surfers Take Advantage of Hurricane-Strengthened Waves","duration":"9:34","description":"Newport Beach, California, is being hit with some of the biggest waves in years.","url":"/US/video/surfers-advantage-hurricane-waves-25149451","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}