'TWANGnBANG' Tests a Full Auto Glock

Cameron Martz of Raleigh, N.C., shares his passion for guns and bows on his YouTube channel.
3:00 | 01/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'TWANGnBANG' Tests a Full Auto Glock
As you might imagine. I was dying to use my SG and fifty round drum magazine -- -- converted block. Let's put the G seventeen Maryland. But it didn't seem to like the first fifteen rounds are so he kept getting hung up. That hasn't fired more rounds out the top of the magazine and better got until finally. How is -- a little rock and roll. -- That was cool like that -- started work in. Of course I also wanted to hear this -- suppressed and using my liberty infinity suppressor and -- 147 -- subsonic gamma. As great as a -- it was actually really hard to control with the suppressor flopping around on the front. Between a boost your (%expletive) in the -- on one hand and really spring restock on the other I felt like -- shooting and noodle. Because the booster piston delays the action and actually slow the cyclic rate down which I wasn't expecting made it easy to get triple -- Of course this is a converted G-20 so I had to run forty Smith & Wesson through it. That is Austin. Fantastic. There was a whole lot more prices notorious -- last -- now it's fun. So let's get NG your back out and see what forty caliber holes. Of course I had seen what this would view -- -- could not -- to do this. -- -- -- There -- number different ways to convert a lot -- -- fire. But this kid is based on how the G eighteen works. The slide is -- for this selector switch. Which allows you to choose between full -- Or semi -- rate of fire. A slot is Nolan the bottom of the slide and this allows the selector switch to drop a ramp down -- any action on the block when it's in the full auto position. The rant than actually its attack on the trigger bar. Which causes this record of fire and action disclosed. You might notice that the ejector housing actually had to be -- to make room for that -- -- -- And that created a weak spot which cracked on this particular conversion kit which could happen on an actual G eighteen.

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{"id":21547174,"title":"'TWANGnBANG' Tests a Full Auto Glock","duration":"3:00","description":"Cameron Martz of Raleigh, N.C., shares his passion for guns and bows on his YouTube channel.","url":"/US/video/twangnbang-tests-full-auto-glock-21547174","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}