Virginia Woman Arrested in International Terrorism Investigation

A Virginia woman was arrested for allegedly making a false statement to the FBI during an international terrorism investigation.

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Heather Elizabeth Coffman of Henrico, Va., was arrested Friday. She "is suspected of conspiring and attempting to provide material support" to ISIS, according to charging documents. Specifically, she had allegedly used several Facebook accounts that featured messages promoting "jihad" and images supporting ISIS, authorities charge. Among other postings, on June 23, she allegedly posted two images with the words "we are all ISIS," and in July she allegedly posted pictures of armed men with an image of ISIS flag in between them.

When someone asked her why she keeps posting pro-ISIS pictures, she allegedly replied, "I love ISIS!"

In July, an FBI undercover agent began contact with her and even met with her, according to charging documents. In those meetings, she allegedly said she had previously tried to help someone – whom she claimed was her husband – travel to a country near Syria to link up with ISIS operatives. In addition, she allegedly indicated she was prepared to provide that person with money to help them join ISIS overseas.

In September, she allegedly sent the undercover FBI agent messages saying of her supposed husband, "I want him in Syria and I want him die as a shaheed," or martyr.

During a series of subsequent meetings with the undercover FBI agent, she allegedly offered to help people she believed were tied to ISIS.

The FBI then went to interview her at her work last week. She allegedly said the person she didn't realize was an FBI undercover never supported ISIS, and she was charged for lying to the FBI.

Coffman made an initial appearance in U.S. District Court on Monday and was ordered held until a Wednesday afternoon detention hearing, court documents show. Her attorney was not immediately available for comment late Monday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.