'Whitey' Bulger Strangled My Girlfriend, Ex-Partner Testified


Criminal activity was sanctioned, or at least overlooked, by the FBI, Flemmi told the court. One of those crimes was the murder of Eddie Connors, the owner of a bar Dorchester called Bulldog. Connors was lured to a phone booth to wait for a phone call from a Winter Hill Gang mobster.

"When he answered the phone we shot him,'' Flemmi told the court, adding that he was armed with carbine pistol and Bulger carried a double barrel shotgun and a handgun. "He emptied both shotgun barrels at him and emptied his pistol."

Flemmi is expected back on the stand Monday and the government is expected to wrap up its case next week, Wyshak told the court.

There was no mention today of Stephen "Stippo" Rakes, the South Boston man who was slated to take the stand against Bulger. Rakes was found dead Wednesday afternoon in Lincoln, Mass., by the side of the road. He had no keys, no wallet, and no phone or ID. He also had no car, perplexing investigators.

Rakes was last seen in court on Tuesday when he was told the government did not plan to use him as a witness in the case. His friend Tommy Donahue, another Bulger victim whose father was allegedly murdered by Bulger, said that Rakes was not suicidal.

"This is foul play,'' Donahue told ABC News. "There is no doubt in my mind."

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