Haiti Sadness and Joy: 70,000 Bodies Collected -- but a Record 70+ Rescues

A 5-year-old boy also buried under the debris did not survive.

The6-year-old, Nazer Erne, emerged in the arms of a rescuer looking gaunt and dusty. He smiled at the paramedics who attended to him, saying he felt no pain and only suffered a chipped tooth.

As she was carried out by a rescuer, the 14-year-old girl, named Frangina, cried out that the third child buried in the house along with them had died.

Both were tended to by the Miami-Dade team, which took the two survivors to a local hospital.

Earlier in the day, Miami-Dade firefighters also pulled a 3-year-old girl from a ruined house.

This morning, a joint Urban Rescue Team of New York police and firefighters pulled two men and a teenage girl alive from the rubble of a Port-au-Prince grocery store housed in a three-story building that collapsed in Tuesday's earthquake, the NYPD said. The three survived on the grocery store's inventory of food and water.

The NYPD/FDNY team later rescued a man who was trapped in the rubble of a four-story building on Rue Belencourt in Port-au-Prince.

In addition, The Associated Press reported that Virginia firefighters pulled U.N. civil affairs officer Jens Christensen of Denmark from the rubble of the ruined U.N. building, other teams rescued a woman from a collapsed university building, and Montana Hotel co-owner Nadine Cardoso was saved from that wrecked building.

'Baby Jeanne' Saved

On Saturday, a 2-month-old baby was brought to the United Nations hospital after almost four days in a hillside of wreckage in Port-au-Prince by Kathie Klarreich, who's working for ABC News in Haiti. Doctors treated the baby's wounds and gave her a name -- Jeanne.

"It's unbelievable that after three and a half days in the rubble that this baby would still be alive," said Dr. Karen Schneider, a pediatric surgeon from Johns Hopkins University.

After her initial treatments at the hospital, Baby Jeanne took a turn for the worse -- so doctors put her on a jet to Florida. She was the first Haitian to be evacuated for treatment.

"When I put the baby on the seat for the very first time, the baby looked up at me opened her eyes and gave me this big wide smile," Schneider said.

Baby Jeanne is now in the United States. ABC News found the mother, who survived the quake -- and now knows that her baby survived, too.

Looting? Or 'No General Feeling of Violence'?

Things were bleaker elsewhere. ABC News has seen isolated incidents of violence, with people fighting over rations. Gunshots have rang out in some neighborhoods.

Some of the gunshots were the result of police battling suspected looters in parts of Port-au-Prince, and some suspects were beaten and shot, the AP reported. In addition, according to AP, police fired tear gas cannisters to disperse some crowds.

One group of people being hauled away in a pickup truck Saturday looked like they might have been pulled to safety from rubble, but they actually were accused of picking through the remains of a more upscale home than theirs.

"We didn't do anything wrong!" they yelled.

But despite some disorder, Prime Minister Bellerive said the country is safe.

"People can go around the cities," he said. "There is no general feeling of violence in the streets."

In Port-au-Prince, Maggie Boyer of the World Vision relief organization added, "In spite of what some television reports might indicate, the security in Port-au-Prince has actually been amazingly normal."

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