What Will Your Future Lifestyle Look Like?

The idea may not be as far fetched as it sounds. Futurists say robots will be a large part of life. They have already infiltrated the toy store. Pleo, a toy dinosaur, has sensors that react to touch, light and sound, and actually purrs when scratched.

Though a driverless car sounds like a crazy idea, it is built to be safer and more efficient than what is currently parked in the driveway.

Using GPS and lasers to detect everything from lane markers to stop signs to wayward soccer balls, the cars will have far better reaction time than humans.

"I think robotic cars will be much more reliable. It will be able to deal with children running on the street and pedestrians," Stanford University computer science professor Sebastian Thrun said.

Besides driving, robots will also help take care of the most basic household chores, even when your children are slacking off.

"The next generation will have arms to be able to touch things and pick them up," Thrun said. "So you leave plates on the table and the next day they're in the dish washer."

Even with all of the changes coming in the future, the human condition won't change, though, according to futurists.

At day's end, you'll still share a drink with a friend and kiss your child goodnight, because no robot can do that.

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