Friends, Colleagues Honor Charlie Gibson and 'His Remarkable Career'

Besides Westin and Sweeney, longtime ABC News medical editor Dr. Timothy Johnson and Gibson's adult daughters, Jessica Gibson Rosen and Kate Gibson, also toasted the "World News" anchor.

"We knew things were going to be OK when Charlie was at the helm," Dr. Tim said. "And that's not only because of his incredible intelligence and his great communication skills, but because he does give us a part of himself, he gives us a part of his heart."

"It is time for anchor away at the moment," he added, "but you should know that in our hearts there will always be a permanent and special place for you. And so, we thank you for the memories, and we wish you Godspeed."

Charlie Gibson Through the Years

Several other Gibson colleagues looked on as he was toasted. Among the guests were Barbara Walters, "Good Morning America" anchors Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos and Juju Chang, "20/20" anchors Elizabeth Vargas and Chris Cuomo, "Nightline" anchors Terry Moran and Cynthia McFadden, and ABC News correspondents including Martha Raddatz, Jake Tapper, Ron Claiborne, Dr. Richard Besser, Dan Harris, Jim Avila, Betsy Stark, Lisa Stark, Bob Woodruff, Stephanie Sy, Andrea Canning and John Quinones.

Daughter Kate Gibson: 'People Love to Talk to Him'

Charlie Gibson's Career Covering Politics

Kate Gibson, the younger of Gibson's two daughters and a producer for CBS News, toasted her father and mentor, and the life lessons he's taught her. Some of the lessons, such as how to listen, humility and the value of hard work, have guided her life.

"Listening is a skill and my father is a master," she said. "and as a result, people love to talk to him."

"I am very proud of my father, and not just for what he has accomplished with his work, which we celebrate tonight," she added. "I am proud of my father the good listener, my father the people person, my father the hard worker and my father who is filled with both humility and courage. If he had just a few of those traits he would be a good man, but he has all of them and he is a great man."

Gibson's older daughter, Jessica Gibson Rosen, said she's waiting to see what he does next.

"This chapter will be another opportunity to learn something new," she said. "I am looking forward to the next chapter. It's going to be exciting. I am sure it will be a smashing success as have been the ones before it."

Gibson thanked his daughters for their support and understanding of his busy schedule throughout his career.

"There have been plays I have missed and recitals I have not been at, and the kids understood that," he said.

He also praised his wife, Arlene, who he described as having "the patience of Job," and said he was forever grateful for her love.

Gibson embraces his younger daughter Kate after her moving tribute to him.

Charlie Gibson: 'Opportune Time for a Transition'

Gibson has anchored what became "World News with Charles Gibson" since May 2006, and previously spent two lengthy stints co-anchoring "Good Morning America."

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