Diane Sawyer Interviews Iranian President Ahmadinejad

AHMADINEJAD: (cross talk) Allow me. We don't welcome confrontation, but we don't surrender to bullying either, whether it is the EU or America or whoever. We don't give in to force. We are people who favor negotiation and logic, but we don't give in to force, whoever it comes from. We expect change to happen. Otherwise, if people want to talk to us with the literature of Mr. Bush, our response is the previous response. There will not be anything new.

SAWYER: May I try a yes or no question?

AHMADINEJAD: To what question?

SAWYER: Many journalists have tried to get a yes or no answer and I'm going to try one more time. Will you say to the American people, tonight, that Iran will never weaponize nuclear material? There will be no nuclear weapon in Iran, ever?

AHMADINEJAD: We have got a saying in Iran which says, "How many times shall I repeat the same thing?" You should say thing only once. We have said once that we don't want nuclear bomb.


AHMADINEJAD: We don't accept it -- finish. You see, the Iranian government and the Iranian people are brave people. And we are frank people, too. Whatever they want to say, they say it with clarity. We said we wanted the fuel production cycle, that was it. And we created it. We said we industrialize it and we did it. Now we announced that we are going to bring in new centrifuges and we will do it. We announced that we were not afraid of resolutions and sanctions and we didn't fear from them. If we had been looking for bombs, we would have had the courage to announce it either. We are not afraid of anyone. We have said it time and again that we don't accept bombs. But now we have got claims and we are saying that America and all those who possess bombs should be disarmed. We will follow this up. They ought to be disarmed. They do not have the right to comment on the nuclear issue until they are disarmed. After they are disarmed, then they will have the right to intervene in the nuclear issue. The reason they are unable to control proliferation in countries in the East of Asia is they have got bombs themselves. If someone has got bombs how can they prevent others from making bombs? But we can, because we don't want bombs and we don't have any. We can disarm [others] and we can also stop proliferation. This is why we have proposed to the agency and to the U.N. to form an independent body for disarmament and proliferation, not those people have got bombs themselves and are sitting there and saying they want to stop proliferation. This is funny. All people of the world are laughing at this.

If the American government is worried about bombs, it should disarm itself first so that the world understands that they are honest. It is very clear this is dishonest.

SAWYER: Did you watch President Obama's speech, accepting the Peace Prize?

AHMADINEJAD: Yes. What shall I say?

SAWYER: And what's the word that....

AHMADINEJAD: Do you think it was right to give the Nobel Peace Prize to Mr. Obama? Yes, or no.

SAWYER: It's up to you, it's up to you...

AHMADINEJAD: Did you agree with the idea of giving the Nobel Prize to him? What has he done for peace in the world? Of course, I know why they have given him the prize. It wasn't because of his performance, because Mr. Obama himself says in his book that they do not give prize to anybody for telling the truth. If has told the truth, then they should not give him a prize.

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