Persons of the Week: The Babies of 9/11 in Their Own Words


"She said, 'What happened?' You know, 'What happened?' And I sort of gave her a very simple chronology," Holly said. "'When we came home, you were in my belly and we were both really excited and there were some bad men and they set a fire to the building that your daddy worked in and, and I said, and you know, he went to heaven that day along with a lot of other daddies and mommies.' And she said, 'How come I'm the only one, I'm the only one without a daddy?" And then I just tell her, actually, that's not true."

Sean has kept a photo of her father on her nightstand since she was two.

"I just love having it near my bed because it's an easier way to keep him near me," she said. "Usually I sleep with two pillows by my side pretending it was him and my mom. It's just so special to me."

"She's mourning the loss of someone she never knew," her mother said. "It's so hard to get a child's head around that."

Sean said no one feels the way she does. "They just say, 'Well, my grandpa died.' And I say, 'It's not the same thing.'"

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