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Khalid Masood identified by police as man behind London attack

ISIS is taking responsibility for the attack that left a police officer and three bystanders dead, as well as the accused attacker.
London Attack
Mar 23

FCC to crack down on robocalls to cellphones and landlines

Regulators are moving to let phone companies target and block those calls from ever reaching your phone.
Mar 23

Devin Nunes claims U.S. intelligence intercepted communications of members of Trump transition team

The Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is under fire for briefing the White House before briefing members of his own committee.
Trump Administration
Mar 23

GOP health care bill vote postponed

While millions of Americans wait for answers, the White House insists the bill will pass.
Replacing Obamacare
Mar 23

Veteran charged with killing black man in likely 'act of terrorism,' prosecutors say

Police say James Harris Jackson came from Maryland to attack blacks.
New York
Mar 23