Ultimate Parents' Guide to Video Games

FPS (First-Person Shooter): A game genre played through the eyes of the player's character. Usually referring to an action game where the player uses force — via a gun or other weapon — to get through the game's levels. Popular in this genre are games like the Halo series, Doom series and Unreal, or Unreal Tournament series.

Frag: A "kill" or point in a first-person shooter, generally used in deathmatch games.

Game Boy: Nintendo's series of handheld gaming systems, including the Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Light, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advanced, Game Boy Advanced SP and Game Boy Micro. Not to be confused with Nintendo's latest handheld gaming systems: the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite.

Headshot: Literally a weapon shot to the head of another player or non-player character in a first-person shooter.

MMO (MMORPG): A massively multi-player game, or massively multi-player online role playing game. Games where hundreds of players inhabit the same game world simultaneously. This genre of game includes old and new classics like World of Warcraft, Everquest and Ultima Online.

Multiplayer: A game where more than one player plays or competes against other players and/or non-player characters. With consoles, this may refer to either a game where multiple players are playing on the same console, or online with other players. For PC games, it refers to games played with other players on a LAN, or through an Internet connection.

Newbie (Noob): A new player. A term generally used to describe new players to an MMO, or massively multi-player online game, like Everquest or World of Warcraft.

Nintendo DS (Lite): The latest handheld gaming console from Nintendo, the DS and DS Lite — a smaller, brighter version of the DS — features a touch screen players use to interact with games.

NPC (Non-Player Character): A character or vehicle controlled by the computer or video game console rather than by a player.

PS2 (PlayStation 2): Sony's follow-up to the PlayStation features the ability to play DVD movies and play games online.

PS3 (PlayStation 3): The latest home video game console from Sony, featuring a built-in Blu-ray DVD player, high definition capability, a robust online service that offers players the ability to connect and play online, and also to download games and other media.

PSP (PlayStation Portable): The long awaited handheld PlayStation uses an optical disk format, rather than cartridges, like Nintendo's line of handhelds. The PSP is capable of wirelessly connecting to the Internet for browsing, play and downloading, and can play movies, music and photographs.

RPG (Role-Playing Game): A game genre that generally features a long story line where players "build" their character over time, improving various statistics or attributes, and acquiring and utilizing equipment, all while working their way through the game's story. Popular games in this genre include the Final Fantasy series, the Baldur's Gate series, and the Legend of Zelda series.

RTS (Real-Time Strategy): A genre of game where players control large amounts of characters or armies. Generally, players are tasked with acquiring resources that can be used to purchase buildings, where various units or characters can be created. Because there are no turns, and the games occur in real time, it's referred to as a real-time strategy game. Popular games in this genre include the Warcraft series, Starcraft, Age of Empires series, and Command & Conquer series.

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